Minutes of the Parish Council Planning Meeting held in the Cricket Pavilion on Wednesday 22nd November 2017  at 8.00pm

Present:                     Councillors J Brocklehurst (Chairman),  A Drew, C Upchurch, S Norton, G Belson, C Whittington, S Wheatley, K Austin

In attendance:               20 Members of the Public.




Apologies were received from Mr Clayton

Mrs Norton declared a non Pecuniary interest under Item 3.3 as friend of the applicant. Mrs Belson declared a non Pecuniary interest under  Item 3.2 as a neighbour of the site and Mrs Wheatley declared a non Pecuniary interest under Item 3.1 as a relation of the neighbouring resident.





2.1 Planning Ref S/3428/17/FL

The Chairman had circulated feedback from South Cambridgeshire District Council to all residents nearby. It had been advised that the development being outside of the village framework could not be used as a reason for refusing the application as there was currently no Local Development Plan in place.

The Chairman was thanked for following up the points raised at the Planning meeting, held on the 30th October, with one resident stating that he would prefer to work with the current applicant rather than another developer who could make the site into an estate. He suggested that the Parish Council pursue the proposal for a community orchard and see if some of the points in the application planned for the village  could be progressed now if the developer was committed. The Chairman advised that the Parish Council could suggest conditions to put into the planning consent. Another area to focus on was the access. If this could be tightened up then it would go some way to prevent parking on Station Road.

Concern was raised over these comments. A resident stated that most people in the village were against the proposal. At the last meeting he did not see any demonstration that the concerns of residents were being listened to. A suggestion was made to object to this application but state that the village was willing to work with the developer towards a reasonable scheme.

It was stated that the village was not sustainable and therefore unsuitable for a development of this kind. The impact on the conservation area was a concern. It was advised that orchards were a very important part of the village and by taking this one away it would take away the village’s heritage.

The poor infrastructure in the village, especially drainage, was  mentioned.  The Chairman advised that this had been raised on a number of occasions where the Parish Council had been assured that the Guilden Morden sewage works had plenty of room to cope.

2.2 Planning Ref S/3897/17/FL

Although this application was smaller in size it was suggested that many of the objections raised in the previous application were relevant to this one as well. The site was outside the village envelope and the proposed large houses would have a negative impact.

Safety was a key issue as there were visibility problems, no street lighting and no footpaths. Access from proposed house 1 would be directly out onto the main road.  There would have to be a loss of hedgerows to allow access.

It was stated that Bogs Gap Lane was a rat run. The Chairman advised that it was very difficult for the planners to refuse applications based on highway safety if the County Council did not agree that there was an issue. A resident added that it was noted on the District Council website that County Highways did not have a problem with this application.

Mrs Drew urged parishioners to make their own representations to the planning application as it was very important that people gave their views.





3.1 Ref No. S/3428/17/OL

Land to the west if Station Road between nos 12 and 14 Station Road

(Steeplefield Ltd)

Mrs Wheatley did not take part in the discussions.

-Recommendation –Object

-The Development is outside of the Village Envelope

-Loss of Privacy for neighbouring residents especially those opposite which are in the village

conservation area

-Highway Safety  The proposed access allows for multiple pedestrian access routes.  This

would encourage residents, visitors and delivery drivers to park on Station Road rather than

within the development.  This part of Station Road gets very congested already at weekends

and in the evening as most of the cottages opposite the site do not have off-street parking.

-Parking –there is not enough parking for residents of the development and their visitors

which would result in parking on Station Road

-The development would have a detrimental effect on the neighbouring listed buildings and

conservation area

-Nature conservation whilst the intention to conserve the land to the west of the site is very

welcome the impact on the landscape and wider biodiversity of the removal of the hedgerow

has not been considered. The development would also be on the site of an old orchard which is

a priority habitat. As the last remaining orchard in the village the site is a major feature of the

conservation area and village.

-Unsustainable Location  as Steeple Morden is classified as a group village and has very

limited facilities. There is no regular bus service so the vast majority of journeys would have to

be made by  car.  Even those using the train station (2 miles away in Odsey) would tend to get

there by car and Odsey is already overwhelmed by parked cars.  Cycling is not always an

option in winter, and the cycle storage facilities at the station are already over full.

3.2 Ref No. S/3897/17/FL

Land north of Bogs Gap Lane –Two new proposed dwellings

(Ms Jayne Ewert-Perks)

Mrs Belson did not take part in the discussions.

-Recommendation Object

-The Development is outside of the Village Envelope

-The development would not be in keeping with the surrounding dwellings

-Access to the proposed dwellings would be too close to the cross roads formed by Hay Street,

Bogs Gap Lane, North Brook end and Trap Road

-Highway Safety as this is a dangerous cross roads on the outskirts of the village with no street

lights or footways on Bogs Gap Lane.  Children regularly use Bogs Gap Lane in the evenings

to access the Scout Hut at The Pightle (for Brownies, Cubs and Scouts) and the extra traffic

from these dwellings would add to the already hazardous conditions for pedestrians.

-Housing supply what the village needs is more affordable housing, not more 4 bedroom houses

3.3 Ref No. S/3619/17/FL

3 Station Road –Single storey rear extension to kitchen and dining room

(Mrs Anna Pye)

-Recommendation Support

3.4 Ref No. S/3789/17/TC

5 Brook End –Tree Work

This application had been carried forward from the November Parish Council meeting.

The Chairman advised that he had visited the site and agreed that, as far as he was

concerned, there were no issues with the proposed tree work. Councillors agreed.





4.1 Planning Applications

The Clerk advised that she had received two planning applications and asked Councillors to look up the information on the District Council website to see if an extra planning meeting needed to be called before the next scheduled Parish Council meeting. The applications were –

·        Planning Ref S/3927/17/FL –Northbrook End Farm, North Brook End –Demolition of existing outbuildings and construction of additional loose boxes and young stock barn, and conversion of existing barn to provide a residential unit, ancillary staff accommodation, office, staff facilities, tack/feed store, classroom and storage area

·        Planning Ref S/3949/17/FL -52 The Green –Single storey timber outbuilding for use as a garden room





5.1 Trees

 Cllr Austin expressed his concern over some trees on Brook End and asked for a discussion on the ownership at the next Parish Council meeting. The trees beside the village hall car park were also causing concern and they would also be on the agenda for discussion at the Parish Council meeting to be held on the 11th December 2017 .



There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.15pm.


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