Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on

Monday 11th November  2017 at 7.30pm

Present:                     Councillors: J Brocklehurst (Chairman),  S Wheatley,  A Drew, G Belson, , S Norton, C Whittington, K Austin

County Cllr Kindersley

In attendance:               Mrs S Walmesley (Clerk) and 1 member of the public.





Apologies were received from Cllr Clayton, Cllr Upchurch and District Cllr Murfitt





There were no issues raised.









3.1 District Council

Cllr  Murfitt had circulated a report.

3.2 County Council

Cllr Kindersley had also circulated a report.

He reported that Hertfordshire County Council was currently consulting on their draft Local Transport Plan. There was a lot of information included but nothing relating to the A505 or Royston. He had written to the County Council about the omission. He added that there would be an increase in traffic due to the proposed developments along the A505 and suggested that the Parish Council also respond to the consultation. Cllr Kindersley then advised that the number of people killed on the counties roads had increased by 33%. There had previously been a downward trend. This could be useful evidence to support road safety measures.

The District Council Planning Committee had received a briefing  on the proposed Local Development Plan. To date the Plan had taken 3 years and 8 months . The committee were advised that the Inspector would be sending out a letter with a number of modifications . This would  need to be consulted on.  She would then consider  the responses and issue a final binding report around March 2018.  If she failed to meet this deadline the report would have to wait until after the elections in May 2018. In the meantime the speculative applications would continue.

The Chairman advised that he had noticed three new ‘No Entry’ solar panelled signs on the A505 and reminded Councillors that  Section 106 money from OMYA was supposed to have been used to modify the junction to accommodate the lorries turning.  Cllr Kindersley advised that he could not get an answer from the Hertfordshire County Council officers on whether or not the money had been used. Mr Whittington stated that the white lining at the junction definitely needed to be reinstated.

Cllr Kindersley advised that the Three Tons pub project leaders in Guilden Morden were going to start promoting their pledge system. There had been a very good presentation from the group who took over the Hare and Hounds in Harlton. Mr Whittington, who had also attended, reiterated this comment. He added that it was in the interest of Steeple Morden residents to support this venture. In her report Cllr Murfitt had suggested that consideration be given to a footpath to connect the two villages. A discussion took place on existing footpaths and permissive paths.  It was agreed that this suggestion would be discussed as an agenda item at the next meeting on the 11th December 2017.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Kindersley for his update.







































4.1 The Parish Council  Meeting held on 9th   October 2017

On a proposition by Mrs Drew seconded by Mrs Wheatley the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record  and signed by the Chairman following amendment of the meeting date to read 9th October 2017.

4.2 The Parish Council  Planning Meeting held on 30th  October 2017

On a proposition by Mr Whittington  seconded by Mr Austin the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.





5.1 A505 Junction

This was covered in the County Council report.

5.2 St Peter & St Paul

The Clerk had circulated further correspondence from the Church explaining money spent in the Churchyard and also confirming the arrangements with the Ely Diocese regarding funding.

5.2.1 Agreement of Grant towards burial ground grasscutting/tree work

It was proposed by Mrs Wheatley seconded by Mrs Drew to award an annual grant of £1000. The Clerk to advise the Church that if there was any extraordinary expenditure required again in the future to let the Parish Council know.

5.3Update on request for Litter/Dog waste bins

There was still not further news from South Cambridgeshire District Council. Dr Belson advised that she was in contact with the officer concerned, Heidi Dufett, regarding the litter collection. She would urge a visit to the village to look at the proposed sites for the litter and dog waste bin.

5.4 Assets of Community Value –Update on The Jester application

The Clerk reported that South Cambridgeshire District Council had acknowledged receipt of the application and would advise the Parish Council of their decision by the 14th December 2017. Mr Whittington asked if there was a display of support from Odsey residents to retain the Hotel. Dr Belson  stated that  the representations to the planning application, shown on the South Cambridgeshire District Council website, were mostly from Odsey people. Councillors believed that as the Jester was a hotel, and not a pub, it was unlikely residents would raise the necessary funds to purchase the building to retain as a Hotel.

5.5 LHI Application 2918/19

The application, as discussed at the October meeting, had been submitted to the County Council by the deadline of the 15th October 2017.






























6.1 To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

The invoices were checked by Mrs Drew. On a proposition by Mrs Drew, seconded by Mrs Norton,  the following payments as listed in the monthly financial report were approved:


Reading Room electricity October 2017 DD                                                                                     £  34.00


Disabled toilet clean October  2017                                                                                   £   13.24


Newsletters October  2017                                                                                                    £  42.00


Removal of tree by stream                                                                                                                    £750.00


Aerial runway part (inc. £10.17VAT)                                                                                  £  61.01


Contribution towards stationery                                                                                           £  29.89


Hire of meeting room 13/11/17                                                                                            £  15.00


Water rate recreation ground 27/4/17-30/10/17       £328.37

Allotment                                                                        £ 67.10                                            £395.47

TOTAL                                                                                                                                   £1340.61

The Chairman queried the invoice for the hire of the village hall. He explained that in the past the Parish Council had only paid hire fees when they used the main hall. The previous Chairman had arranged this. Mr Austin, who was also the current Chairman of the village hall, advised that the hire fee should be paid as the heating was having to stay on longer. He agreed to go back to the village hall committee with the query.

6.2 Update on Anglian Water Sewage Charge

The Clerk advised that she had urged a response with Anglian Water, and been advised of another case number, and also contacted CC Water again without a response.

The Clubs had been advised of the problem. The invoices for the previous six month water charge had been held back until the sewage charge was resolved. The invoices for the latest water charge had now been received and the Clerk would invoice the clubs for just the water element for both half years.






































7.1 Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group update

Mrs Drew advised that she would arrange to have the two concrete posts outside the village hall, which appeared to have been hit by a car, reinstated.

7.1.1 Dangerous Willow tree by brook

The tree had finally been  removed from the brook and cut up. The Chairman suggested that the remains be monitored as it could be a problem if there was a lot of rain.

7.1.2 Football Club Litter

The football club had confirmed that over the past month they had taken steps to address the litter issue. Mrs Drew confirmed that the situation had improved and there was now a member of the club nominated to check the field following matches.

7.2 Play Area

7.2.1  RoSPA Play Area Inspection Report 2017 –list of actions

Mrs Drew reported that the spare part had been received for the ariel runway had been received and would be repaired later in the week.

The latch on the double gate to the play area needed replacing. Mrs Drew queried whether the gate needed to be kept locked. The Chairman stated that it should as if left open by mistake dogs could get into the area. Mrs Norton offered to provide a combination padlock which was accepted.

7.3 Upgrade to Car Park Lights

As agreed at a meeting during the Summer the Clerk was asked to contact the contractors and ask them to proceed with the replacement lighting.























- AD









8.1 Footpaths

8.1.1 Footpath 7

There was no further update. The Clerk confirmed that she had not yet been approached to pay for the order.

8.1.2 Footpath 10 –Minor Highway Improvement Scheme 2017/18 Application

This item would be kept on the agenda until the agreed work had taken place.

8.2 Village Litter Pick

Dr Belson reported that the team had carried out their final litter pick of 2017 in Odsey. Sixteen bags of litter had been collected again in addition to other items. Dr Belson added that all the litter picks had been very well supported and she had prepared a  draft item for the newsletter and Prospect. There  had been 118 man-hours involved with a total of 82 bags of rubbish  picked during the year.  Dr Belson added that she was still optimistic about doing some litter picks between the villages and was thinking of how this could be done safely. The Chairman thanked Dr Belson for organising this project.

A discussion then took place on the newsletter and how many people did not receive a copy when there was a full print run. The Chairman asked the newsletter editor, who was in attendance at the meeting, to check the distribution arrangements.





Mr Whittington advised that the Police had written to the other volunteers in the village asking for someone to take responsibility for the scheme. Due to the lack of interest by the Police on feedback nobody was willing. Mrs Wheatley suggested that an appeal be made in the  newsletter,  for Community Speedwatch volunteers, as there might be some people willing to help. Mr Whittington added that the Meldreth team was also having concerns with the Police over their non commitment.

The Chairman reminded Councillors that a resident had recently highlighted the amount of vehicles parked at Odsey station as part of a representation to a planning application.  He added that since the beginning of October the number of cars had increased and every day was equally as bad. The previous week there were 84 cars parked on the verges and the car park was full. Councillors raised their concerns over the new housing developments where there was certain to be more people using the station. If a solution could be found, such as an additional car park, Police enforcement would be needed to stop the verge parking.

















10.1 Planning Ref S/3789/17/TC

5 Brook End –Tree Works

Details had been circulated to Councillors who were unable to download the details. The Chairman had managed and would circulate the link so that this application could be discussed at the next  Planning meeting.

10.2 Planning Ref S/3428/17/OL – Land to the west of Station Road

Update from South Cambridgeshire District Council Planners regarding correspondence sent following Planning Meeting 30th October 2017. The response from the  Development Control Team Leader, John Koch, stated that he was satisfied that residents had received notification of the planning application and attached a list of those people sent the letter on the 16th October. Mr Koch explained that at the present time South Cambridgeshire District Council could not demonstrate an up-to-date five year supply of housing land and that was why there was no Local Development Framework in place. It was harder to refuse an application just because it was outside the village envelope and that was why speculative applications were being submitted for sites that would not otherwise have come forward. The effect of this was that applications did not have to be for 100% affordable housing (exception sites) in order to be recommended for approval. With regard to this site being close to the conservation area Mr Koch explained that if a site lay within or in close proximity to a conservation area it could be given weight when assessing the overall merits of the application.

The Chairman stated that Councillors now needed to see what could be done to make the application acceptable for parishioners. A Planning meeting was to be held on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 to respond to the consultation. He suggested writing to all the residents on the list supplied by Mr Koch advising them of the meeting. There was also an application in for two dwellings on land at Bogs Gap Lane and this would be considered at the same time. It was agreed that the Chairman and Clerk would arrange a letter.

A discussion then took place on notifications. The Clerk advised that she advertised the agenda on the village notice board, shop and website three clear working days before the meeting was scheduled. It was stated that residents did not always know when meetings were held. It was agreed that a notice would be placed in the newsletter asking those residents interested in receiving notification of a meeting, either as an agenda or link to the website, to let the Clerk know and she would arrange.

10.3 Section 106 Wish list

The South Cambridgeshire District Council officer, James Fisher, had asked for information relating to a Section 106 contribution should the development on the land west of Station Road be granted planning consent.  He made suggestions on how much could be requested. A discussion took place.

Mrs Drew advised that she had arranged a meeting with a contractor to discuss replacement metal fencing and a gate for the play area. She was also getting  information about an additional piece of play equipment.

The resurfacing of the car park was another suggestion as it was currently in a bad state of repair. The new surface could have parking spaces marked out and this would enable more vehicles to be parked there.

Mr Austin suggested any contribution towards indoor meeting space be contributed to the insulation of the village hall roof.

Following on from the discussion regarding parking at the station, Item 9, the purchase of a minibus to transport residents back and forward to the station was made.

Mrs Drew and Dr Belson suggested a storage facility for Parish Council equipment which included room for a wheelbarrow and the litter picking equipement was made.  The Chairman advised that this could be purchased anyway without any Section 106 money and agreed that it would be discussed as an agenda item at the next meeting.


























-JB & Clerk



11.1 Village Hall –Request for Speed Limit Sigh on Recreation Ground path

The Village Hall Committee had advised that there used to be a 10mph sign on the Cricket Pavilion so that vehicles entering the recreation ground were asked to slow down. The sign was no longer there and the committee asked if a new sign could be erected. They recommended a supplier.

Councillors discussed whether the sign was necessary as there were speed bumps on the path slowing vehicles down. It was suggested that a ‘children playing’ sign would be better. The Clerk was asked to investigate.

11.2 Rural Community Survey  for South Cambridgeshire

The Parish Council had been asked to consider an on-line survey from Rural Services Network. The idea was to achieve a network of 250,000 rural residents across England so that the clear consensus rural response system could be established to matters of the day. Details had been circulated to Councillors.

Mr Whittington advised that he had already completed the questionnaire. The Clerk was asked to circulate to Councillors again to see if they also wanted to participate.

11.3 British Telecom –Signed agreement for adoption of telephone kiosk at The Green

The Clerk reported that the agreement for adoption had been finalised and once the equipment had been removed from the kiosk the adoption process would be complete. Councillors were asked what they would like to do with the kiosk. It was agreed that residents of The Green would be asked for their ideas through the newsletter.

11.4 Steeple Morden Primary School PTA

A letter of thanks had been received from the PTA for letting them use the recreation area for their annual Fireworks event.


























There were no issues raised.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 11th December  2017.




There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.10 pm




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