Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on

Monday 9th October 2017 at 7.30pm

Present:                     Councillors: J Brocklehurst (Chairman),  S Wheatley,  A Drew, G Belson, C Upchurch, S Norton, J Clayton, C Whittington, K Austin

District Cllr Murfitt, County Cllr Kindersley

In attendance:               Mrs S Walmesley (Clerk) and 3 members of the public.




There had been one application for co-option from Mr Keith Austin. Councillors agreed unanimously

that Mr Austin be co-opted. He signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and joined the meeting.




All Councillors were in attendance.

Mrs Wheatley declared a non-pecuniary interest under Item 11.3 as a relation of the neighbouring resident.





2.1 Hay Street Parking

Councillors were reminded about the issue with parking when there were football games on the recreation ground. At any one time there could be the bowls club members, football teams and dog training. It was stated that the dog trainer had been asked to only use the recreation ground at times when it was not used by other clubs. Village hall users were also parking everywhere especially when there were cycling meetings. The Clerk was asked to write to the Village Hall Committee and request that they advise their users to use the village hall parking area.

Mrs Wheatley advised that there was now a key to the overflow car park kept in the Pavilion. The football clubs were going to open and close the gate themselves. She asked to be notified if this did not happen.

2.2 Land between 12-14 Station Road

The owners of the land, Douglas and Peter Rule, introduced themselves advising that they owned the six acres of land which had no vehicles access. This was the only land that they owned in the village. The advised that an outline planning application had been submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council for a third of the land. The plan was for up to 12 houses including 5 affordable. There would also be a proposal for a community orchard. Plans of the proposal were shown to Councillors.

Mr Rule stated that if the consent for the outline permission was granted they hoped that a Section 106 Agreement would be consistent with the work that they had already put into the plans.

A discussion took place on a proposed Section 106 Agreement, the need for car parking and green spaces. The Chairman explained the process of the planning application and that, if there was not a scheduled meeting at which the application could be considered, an additional planning meeting would be arranged.

He thanked the Gentlemen for attending.















3.1 District Council

Cllr  Murfitt reported that some of the paper recycling caddys had gone missing from Guilden Morden during the rubbish collection. The collection was going to change as paper would no longer need to be kept separate from the other blue bin recycling materials. The recycling lorries needed to be replaced as they were coming to the end of their life so their replacements would be able to hold more. The change would be advertised in the next South Cambs magazine which would be out in November 2017.

Cllr Murfitt advised that she had been busy dealing with taxi driver applications. Drivers came from all over the country to South Cambridgeshire. There was a proposal to try and force the Government to ensure that a taxi licence could only be used in the area it was issued and not elsewhere in the country.

3.2 County Council

Cllr Kindersley had circulated a report. He expressed concern over the budget proposal for 2018/19 where there would need to be even more savings. He was also concerned over the closure of Children’s Centre with Bassingbourn being the closest.  There had been a petition against the closures which would be considered at the full County Council meeting the following week.

There had been a number of resignations from South Cambridgeshire District Council planners including the Head of Development Control. The District Council was losing a number of planning appeals.

The plans for the illuminated ‘No Entry’ signs at the A505 junction were in the process of being installed.

A meeting had been held with the owners of the Odsey scrap yard. They appeared to be interested in participating in the community. The Chairman advised that they had taken notice of Cllr Kindersley’s suggestion for white noise alarm on vehicles. This had made a big difference with the fork lift truck noise for Odsey residents.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Murfitt and Cllr Kindersley for their reports.







































4.1 The Parish Council  Meeting held on 21st August 2017

On a proposition by Mrs Wheatley  seconded by Dr Belson the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record  and signed by the Chairman.

4.2 The Parish Council  Planning Meeting held on 30th  August 2017

On a proposition by Mr Brocklehurst  seconded by Mrs Drew the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record and signed by the Chairman.





5.1 A505 Junction

This was covered in the County Council report.

5.2 St Peter & St Paul

A further letter had been received from the Church Treasurer, Philip Dickinson, asking for an update on funding. The Clerk had replied advising Mr Dickinson that the situation would be confirmed at this meeting.

5.2.1 Funding of Roof Repairs

It was advised at the last meeting that the Parish Council could not contribute to this fund. It was believed that enough money had now been raised for this project.

5.2.2 Agreement of Grant towards burial ground grasscutting/tree work

A discussion took place on the Church funding pots. Councillors agreed that they would cover the costs of  maintenance work of the burial ground and projects relating to the maintenance of this area. The Chairman and Clerk to advise.

5.3Update on request for Litter/Dog waste bins

The Clerk advised that, as far as she was aware, the South Cambridgeshire District Council Supervisor was still to visit the village to see if the bins were necessary.

5.4 Odsey Scrap Yard

As reported by Cllr Kindersley a successful meeting had taken place with the owners. The Chairman advised that he had since had a further meeting where the owners advised him of things that they wanted to do in the future including changes to the planning consent. The Chairman stressed that he could not speak on behalf of the Parish or County  Councils and emphasised the need to speak to the Council Council Planners.
















JB & Clerk













6.1 Agreement of Insurance Schedule 2017/18

Details of the schedule had been circulated to Councillors. It was agreed that a three year long term agreement with Came and Company be commenced at a premium for this year of £1252.34.

6.2 To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

The invoices were checked by Mrs Drew. On a proposition by Mr Clayton, seconded by Mrs Norton,  the following payments as listed in the monthly financial report were approved:


Reading Room electricity October 2017 DD                                                                                     £  34.00


Disabled toilet clean August & Sept 2017                                                                        £   19.86


Repair to Recreation Ground drain (inc.£60.00VAT)                                                                     £ 360.00


Adoption of  telephone kiosk –The Green                                                                          £    1.00


Newsletters August & September 2017                                                                               £  84.00


External Audit 2017 (inc £40.00VAT)                                                                                £240.00


Reimburse for chain link fence purchase (inc. £13.32VAT)                                          £   79.90


Recreation Ground grass cutting x 8                                          £560.00

Grass verges        inc Cheyney St                                                £260.00

Recreation Ground hedge                                                                           £190.00

VAT                                                                                                 £202.00                          £1212.00


Clerks salary & expenses 1/7/17 -30/9/17                                                                        £  930.38


PAYE July –Sept 2017                                                                                                         £  222.00


Renewal of insurance premium 2017/18                                                                         £1252.34


Community Speedwatch expenses 50.6 miles @45p                                                                      £   22.77

TOTAL                                                                                                                                    £4458.35

6.3 External Audit 2016/17

The external audit report had been received with no issues raised. A copy was on display on the village notice board and also website

 6.4 Update on Anglian Water Sewage Charge

A response from Anglian Water had been urged with no success. The Clerk was to follow up with the Consumer Council for Water.














































7.1 Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group update

Mrs Drew reported that the main issue was the litter left by the football teams again which recently included a tube of pain relief cream. The Chairman confirmed that he had written to all the teams and asked that they nominate someone from their club to clear the litter following the use of the pitch. He suggested that if they continued to leave their litter then a charge should be made for clearing up after them. Dr Belson advised that she had spoken to a couple of the players, following the match the previous weekend, when she was clearing up the tape left. She pointed out that they were responsible and they did agree to report back to their club. Mr Clayton referred to the agreement to allow dug outs on the recreation ground. At the time permission  was granted the club assured the Parish Council that there would not be a litter problem. Mr Whittington added that the place where the dug outs were kept was the most untidy place on the recreation ground. After further discussion it was agreed that the Clerk would send a letter to the Football Club, reminding them of the dugout agreement and threaten to withdraw permission to allow them if the litter problem continued.

There had been a need for a call to be made for the textile recycling bin in the car park to be emptied. The Clerk was asked to contact SMARTIES and advise them of this and ask that they arrange to monitor and empty the bin when needed.

Councillors were advised that the bowls club members were worried about the size of the conifer trees along the boundary outside the village hall. It was unclear who these belonged to but they were believed to have been planted by the Bowls Club at some time. This would be investigated.

7.1.1 Dangerous Willow tree by brook

Mrs Drew advised that the contractor had now missed the chance to get a crane into the area as the field was now in use again. It was noted that the brook was quite high behind the blockage. It was agreed that the Clerk should now pursue the cutting up of the tree to remove it from the brook. She would advise the contractor and, if he was not able to carry out this work, she would find someone else. It was stated that the Parish Council had not been charged for any of the work to date.

7.2 Play Area

7.2.1  RoSPA Play Area Inspection Report 2017 –list of actions

Mrs Drew reported that most of the issues highlighted for attention in the report could be carried out by the working group. The Clerk had ordered a part for the aerial runway from Playdale and was awaiting delivery.

7.2.2 Damage to Play Area gate

Mrs Drew confirmed that this had been repaired.

7.3 Disabled Toilet light

Mrs Drew had purchased a replacement bulb which she would install.

There had been some confusion with parents over the combination for the toilet key safe. Mrs Wheatley suggested that the combination number could be advertised in the play area. It was noted that the clubs had all been informed of the number. It was agreed that a notice could be put in the play area and if there was a reoccurrence of vandalism then the combination would be changed.



















- Clerk
































8.1 Footpaths

An e-mail had been received from a resident concerned over low level branches of shrubs and trees overhanging footpaths partially obstructing routes. Mrs Norton confirmed that she had replied to the communication explaining that it was the responsibility of the owners of the shrubs/trees to keep them cut back. The Parish Council was only responsible for the grass.

It was acknowledged that there were a couple of the paths that needed attention.  It was suggested that it was less official if a Councillor spoke to the owners instead of writing to them. Mrs Norton agreed to do this but she was aware that there was nobody living in one of the properties. It was agreed that  the Clerk would write a letter in this instance. Mrs Norton would also follow up the concerns raised at the last meeting relating to an overgrown hedge on Craft Way. She confirmed that she had spoken to the resident following the August meeting.

8.1.1 Footpath 7

The County Definitive Map officer, James Stringer , had confirmed that the Director had agreed the recommendation to divert the footpath and a formal resolution now needed to be made.  A formal legal order had been drafted for the County Solicitor to seal.  The next step would include advertising the order in the local newspaper.

Mrs Norton reported that she had replied to Mr Stringer updating him on the minor works with posts etc. She had also advised that the money was available to cover the costs which included a Landowner contribution. Mr Stringer would advise where to send the cheque.

8.1.2 Footpath 10 –Minor Highway Improvement Scheme 2017/18 Application

This item would be kept on the agenda until the agreed work had taken place.

8.2 Village Litter Pick

Dr Belson reported that a litter pick had been carried out on the 9th September at the northern end of the village. The whole village had been covered on a further litter pick on the 7th October. The rubbish was awaiting collection by South Cambridgeshire District Council. The last litter pick of the year would be on the 11th November where there would be a return to Odsey.  Dr Belson stated that she would put a new schedule together for 2018 and would prepare a report for the December newsletter on litter collected during 2017.












-SN & Clerk

























The Chairman reported that he had been in communication with a resident of Station Road who requested that something be done to slow the traffic speed. Mr Whittington advised that when the Community Speed watch team re-commenced their checks, after a break of 3-4 weeks,  they recorded the highest speed, of 60mph, anywhere in the village on Station Road.  The speeding problem was the same in both directions. Mr Whittington felt that it was a waste of time as the Speedwatch checks had an effect but then when they were not taking place speeds increased again.

A discussion took place on possible speed reduction measures to request in an application to the LHI scheme 2018/19. It was noted that the deadline for applications was the 15th October but it was felt that sufficient evidence, through Speedwatch statistics, was available to support an application. It was agreed that an application be made for a flashing speed sign on Station Road at the entrance to the village.  The Clerk was asked to make the application.

9.1 Speedwatch

Mr Whittington then advised that there had been a group meeting held the previous week. The feeling was that the Police were not fully supporting the Community Speedwatch programme as they were not sending letters out to speeding vehicle owners. Also when there was a persistent offender the Police were not carrying out a visit. Mr Whittington emphasised that the Community Speedwatch scheme needed Police backup to be successful. There had also been attacks on the team, physical and verbal, which were being investigated. At the present time the Community Speedwatch Team had suspended their checks in the village. The teams in other villages were continuing.

















THE JESTER HOTEL –Application to Register as a Community Asset

Following discussions on a recent planning application Councillors had agreed to pursue the registering of The Jester as a community asset. Councillors ratified the decision and the process was in hand.





11.1 Planning Ref S/2997/17/FL

2A Cheyney Close –Two storey side extension

(Derek Powis)

-Recommendation Support

 11.2 Planning Ref S/3011/17/NM

Northbrook End Farm (for information only) –Non  material amendment to planning permission S/1405/17/FL : Addition of a window, altered internal arrangement, relocated parking and position of outbuildings and demolition of existing structures

(Brook End Stud)

11.2.1 Payment of Public Open Space and Community Facilities Contribution –Signature of Indemnity Form

The Section 106 payment would be £3,104.38 as a financial contribution in lieu of  on-site provision of public open space and £513.04 towards the off-site provision of community facility space. It was agreed that the Chairman and Vice-Chairman sign the indemnity form.

11.3 Proposal for Land Between 12-14 Station Road

This was discussed under Item 2.2.

11.4 Planning Ref S/3212/17/PA

19 North Brook End –Prior notification for change of use of agricultural building to a dwelling

(Mr & Mrs Targett)

-Recommendation No Recommendation

11.5 Planning Ref S/3466/17/TC (Tree Work)

30 Hay Street –Crown reduce Ash tree by 30% and fell Sycamore to ground level

There were no objections made.
















-JB & SW



12.1 Rubbish on Recreation Ground

This had been discussed under Item 7.1. The Clerk was asked to write to the Football Club and remind them about the agreement they had regarding the dug outs.

12.2 Aircraft Movements Correction of Information

Updated information provided by a parishioner had been circulated to Councillors.

12.3 CCC Highway Depot Open Days 2017

Details had been circulated. The Clerk advised that the open day for Whittlesford Depot was on the 16th October. Anyone interested in attending was asked to contact the Clerk.

12.4 Steeple Morden PTA –Bonfire and Fireworks

Steeple Morden PTA had sought permission to advertise the event on the Recreation Ground. This had been granted. Dr Belson advised that due to the issues raised in previous years, relating to vehicles on the recreation ground, there would only be one journey to take the pallets to the site. If the weather was very wet then the materials would be walked through. She asked for permission to take the old notice board from behind the Pavilion to burn and this was agreed.
















13.1 Map of Conservation Area

Mrs Norton asked that the Conservation Area map be displayed on the village website. This was agreed. Mrs Norton to arrange.

13.2 22 Litlington Road Highway Issues

Mrs Upchurch reiterated her concerns over the highway outside 22 Litlington Road. She was advised that the Hornbeam trees would be removed but they were still there. The verge had now been turfed by the residents with the electrical cables for the lighting beneath the turf. It was noted that the Highway Officer had been in correspondence with the residents in the past. The Clerk was asked to obtain an update.















DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 13th November 2017.




There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.25 pm




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