Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Cricket Pavilion on

Monday 10 April 2017 at 7.30pm

Present:                     Councillors: J Brocklehurst (Chairman), J Clayton, S Wheatley,  A Drew, G Belson, C Upchurch

District Cllr Murfitt

In attendance:               Mrs S Walmesley (Clerk) and 1 member of the public.






Apologies were received from Mr Whittington, Mrs Norton, Mr Martin  and County Cllr Dent.

Mr Clayton declared a Pecuniary interest under Item 9.1 as the landowner.





2.1 Website Hosting

The newsletter editor asked what would happen once the hosting of the website was transferred. There were concerns that the newsletter link might not continue. The Clerk advised that she was aware that the existing and new hosting companies were in discussion and once the change took place would let the newsletter editor know. As far as she was aware there would be no change to the way the website worked.

2.2 School Drop off car park

Councillors were advised that Hay Street had been very busy with parked cars when the football matches over the weekend took place. Permission was requested to allow the neighbouring resident to open the car park. The Clerk advised that the Magpies had requested a key to the area in their response to her recent letter pointing out that this car park could be used.  A discussion took place on who would be responsible. Mrs Wheatley agreed to open and close the gates at the weekend to allow the parking.


















3.1 County Council

 Cllr Dent was not in attendance.

3.2 District Council

Cllr Murfitt reported that since South Cambridgeshire District Council had joined with Cambridge City for the refuse collections there had been a few issues with recycling.  Bags sold as biodegradable had been used but if  these were identified within the green bin it  would not be emptied. Cllr Murfitt advised that paper bags, which fit into the small green kitchen bin, could be purchased from South Cambridgeshire District Council and she offered to supply them if needed. This would be advertised in the village newsletter.

The Chairman asked Cllr Murfitt why election material from Gamlingay had been circulated to residents with no mention of The Mordens. Cllr Murfitt, and the candidate, were aware of the issue and another leaflet would be put out in due course. She added that the candidate was not involved with writing the original leaflet. It came from the budget of the Mayor.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Murfitt for her report.



















4.1 The Parish Council  Meeting held on 13th March  2017

On a proposition by Mrs Drew  seconded by Mrs Wheatley the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record  and signed by the Chairman.





5.1 A505 Junction

5.1.1 Update on HCC agreed work at Junction

There was no further update from the Clerk.

5.2 St Peter & St Paul –funding of repairs and tree work

Further advice had been sought by the Clerk who confirmed that  there was nothing in legislation to allow parish councils to make grants or donations for the improvement of church property, infrastructure whether for religious, recreational or social purposes. The Clerk added that in  the past the Parish Council has used the Section 137 power (to provide things not otherwise authorised for the benefit of some or all of its parishioners) but it was confirmed,  by the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor,  that this too was not allowed. Details had been circulated to Councillors.

The Chairman suggested that there might be a way  a contribution could be made through the Friends of the Church which was a registered charity. The Clerk was seeking clarification. Mr Clayton suggested that the Parish Council wait to see what the funding shortfall was for the roof repair before a donation, if allowed, was made.

Cllr Murfitt advised that she had suggested the Church approach the South Cambs Community Chest fund for a grant towards the tree work as the tree affected the neighbours and there was also a public safety issue.

5.3 Transfer of village website hosting

As advised under Item 2.1 the transfer of the website was underway.

5.4 Update on request for Litter/Dog waste bins

The Clerk had urged a response from the South Cambridgeshire District Council Refuse Supervisor regarding the request for a litter bin at the bus stop on Hay Street. She had also asked about another dog waste bin on Ashwell Road. Cllr Murfitt was asked to follow up.

5.5 Annual Parish Meeting 8th May 2017

The agenda had been forwarded to the newsletter editor and was also on the notice board. Invitations would be sent out to the village groups and organisations. The Chairman added that this meeting followed the Parish Council AGM where a Chairman for the final year of the current term would need to be elected.  He reminded the meeting that Parish Council elections would be held in 2018.




























6.1 To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

The invoices were checked by the Chairman. On a proposition by Mr Clayton, seconded by Mrs Drew,  the following payments as listed in the monthly financial report were approved:


Reading Room Direct Debit March 2017                                                                             £74.00


Website domain renewal (inc. £2.88VAT)                                                                           £17.27


SCDC Eurobin emptying 2017/18                                                                                        £416.00


Bowls club contribution towards drain clearance                                                              £ 44.70


Disabled toilet clean March 2017                                                                                                        £ 13.24


Newsletters April 2017                                                                                                           £ 40.00


Reimbursement for litter picking equipment (inc, £53.40VAT)                                                    £320.40


Jetting of recreation ground drains (inc £18.00VAT)                                                                      £108.00


Clerks expenses January –March 2017                                                                               £  46.90

TOTAL                                                                                                                                    £1080.51

6.2 Appointment of Internal Auditor 2016/17

It was agreed that LGS Services be asked to carry out the internal audit as in previous years.

6.3 Agreement of Clerks Pay Scale from 1st April 2017

CAPALC had circulated the updated pay scales and suggested that an item be included on the agenda so that a vote could be taken to accept them. This would ensure that the Clerk was on the correct pay. Councillors agreed that the pay scales be accepted. It was also agreed that as the last spinal column point increase for the Clerk was in 2012 her point of pay be increased to SCP26, from SCP25, from the 1st April 2017.
























7.1 Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group update

Mrs Drew reported that everything was okay on the recreation ground apart from a couple of incidents of minor anti social behaviour. It was noted that the grass was creeping across the surface of the play area and needed to be sprayed.

7.1.1 Litter Problem

The Clerk had written to the senior and junior football clubs as discussed at the previous meeting. Mrs Drew advised that the litter problem had improved.

7.1.2 Dangerous Willow tree by brook

The order had been placed for the removal of the tree. It was noted that the tree had deteriorated even more since the recent bad weather. The Clerk was asked to urge its removal.

7.2 Planting of Bulbs at entrance to village

The Clerk was awaiting details of planting suggestions.

7.3 Car Park Lighting

Mrs Drew had obtained a quotation for £420 plus VAT details of which had been circulated to Councillors.  It was agreed that the contractor, Summers Electrical, be asked to proceed with the replacement lighting after the school summer break. He would be advised.

7.4 Disabled Toilet and Keypad lock

The Chairman advised that the lock on the door appeared to be the same as that on a domestic upvc door, but with a latch inside, and offered to change the lock if he could acquire a similar replacement. His offer was accepted.

7.5 Recreation Ground Drains

The Chairman reminded Councillors that the design of the join between the Bowls Club and Village Hall drains could not cope with modern day usage as there was less water used now than when the drain was installed. A contractor had suggested that the junction was dug out and replaced with two junctions and had provided a quotation for £648.00 plus VAT to carry out the work. He had since approached another six different companies for their advice. One building contractor had suggested that a camera survey be carried out as it looked as if something had moved. A discussion took place on the drains and their routes. Mr Clayton proposed that the first contractor who had provided the quotation be asked to carry out the work as he believed replacement junctions would  solve the problem. This was agreed. Shanahan Builders would be asked to proceed with the work.

7.6 Damage to Recreation Ground Neighbours fence

Mrs Drew reported that the contractor, Mr Eversden, would be able to carry out the repair to the fence.













































8.1 Footpaths

8.1.1 Footpath 7

Mrs Norton had advised that the footpath fund was now at the point where the County Council should be pursued regarding the changing of the  Definitive map.  As this was not a Parish Council issue another body, perhaps the Ramblers Association, needed to take the project on.

8.1.2 Footpath 10 –Minor Highway Improvement Scheme 2017/18 Application

There was no further update. The results of the applications had been received and the bid was not included in the list of successful applicants. Mrs Norton had been told that the change should have been dealt with routinely anyway.

8.1.3 CCC Application to divert part of Public Footpath 37,38 and 40

The application for diversion had been received and comments from the Parish Council were invited. This had been discussed previously in April 2016 when the landowner had asked the Parish Council for their support. At the time it was given. Following that meeting there were concerns raised by around 50 residents who objected strongly to the proposal. Further concerns had since been raised the latest by the Brownie pack who used the existing route.

It was noted that the major reason for the objection was the move from a waterside path to a field edge path. Following discussion, about the proposed diversion, Councillors agreed that they would support the feelings of the parishioners and object to the proposal. It was also agreed that the landowner would be contacted and advised of the reason why Councillors would no longer support his application.

8.2 Litlington Road Bus Shelter

The Clerk was still awaiting a quotation for a like for like replacement. A second builder had been asked to provide this. The District Council Conservation Officer had been approached about installing a modern structure as a replacement shelter as it was within the conservation area. She was awaiting a response. Cllr Wheatley expressed her concern over a modern structure as this would not shelter as many people as the previous brick built version. Once quotations and the feedback from the District Council was known details would be forwarded to the insurance company and a decision on a replacement made.

8.3 Recreation Ground notice board

The insurance company had offered to settle the claim for a replacement shelter less the policy excess, for £1596.72. Councillors agreed to accept the offer. Clerk to advise the insurance company. A discussion took place on the replacement which was urged. It was agreed that the new board should be more robust. Details would be circulated and once agreed the Clerk would place the order.

8.4 Replacement dog waste bins

The make of the original bin could not be identified. It was agreed that a complete replacement, including post, be ordered. Clerk to arrange.

8.5 Update on Litlington Road Footpath

Cambridgeshire County Council had been liaising with the residents with copies of correspondence circulated to Councillors for information.




















































9.1 Planning Ref S/2629/16/FL(amended)

Wyndmere Farm, Ashwell Road –Erection of industrial unit and hard standing following demolition of agricultural building –additional transport information

(EW Pepper)

9.2 Planning Ref S/0895/17/LD

115 Hay Street –Lawful development certificate –proposed single storey rear extension

(P  Boyt)

9.3 Planning Ref S/1013/17/FL

The Stores, Hay Street –Additional vehicle access for parking two cars

(David and Janet Andrews)

The consultation period for the above applications had expired. It had been agreed to send a question back, regarding feedback from the County Council, regarding the transport plan supplied for planning application S/2629/16/FL. It was unclear whether this had happened as the Clerk had not received instruction.





10.1 Local Bus Service Review

Details had been circulated to Councillors. The contracts for the local buses were on an extension following discussions 18 months previously. They now needed to be retendered either as existing or with changes. Previous feedback was advised and comments were requested. The Clerk advised that the timetable had been slightly changed from the current version.









11.1 Litter Pick

Dr Belson reported that there were 19 volunteers helping at the recent litter pick where 17 bags of rubbish were collected. She had purchased some equipment for the volunteers and asked if there was somewhere in the village that the equipment could be stored as she wanted it to be accessible for people to use.  Mrs Wheatley suggested the space behind the Pavilion or the cupboard in the disabled toilet. The next litter pick would be held on the 13th May 2017 where nine volunteers had come forward already. The litter pickers supplied by South Cambridgeshire District Council had been loaned to a litter picking team in Guilden Morden.





DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 8th May  2017 (AGM)



There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.30 pm





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