Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on

Monday 13 March 2017 at 7.30pm

Present:                     Councillors: J Brocklehurst (Chairman), S Martin, S Wheatley, S Norton, C Whittington,  A Drew, G Belson, C Upchurch

District Cllr Murfitt

In attendance:               Mrs S Walmesley (Clerk) and 3 members of the public.






Apologies were received from Mr Clayton  and County Cllr Dent.

There were no declarations made.





2.1 St Peter & St Paul Church

Mr Smith, Church Treasurer, reported that with grant money the Church had enough money to carry out repairs. They now needed to replace the lead on the roof that had been stolen and arrange for security fencing around the scaffolding while the work was taking place. The current estimate for the whole job was £132,000. Grants had been applied for and to date the Church was about £25,000 short.

Mr Whittington asked if the lead stolen was covered by insurance.  Mr McKee, PCC member,  advised that the insurance policy paid up to a maximum of £7,500 as there was not a burglar alarm installed. An alarm had now been fitted so 100% of the value of the lead would now be covered. Mrs Drew asked the position with grant applications. Mr Smith confirmed that he had a number of applications in at the moment. There was a large amount of resources available.

Dr Belson asked if the replacement had to be like for like or could alternative materials be used which could also be a less expensive option.  Mr McKee replied that the Ely Diocese recommended lead as it lasted so much longer. Zinc was an alternative but it was very noisy during rain and it also caused bad condensation problems. It was suggested that the Church Architect should be able to advise on alternative products especially as the section of the roof needing the work would not be visible. Composite panels were suggested which would also help with insulation.

2.2 27 Bus

County Cllr Sebastian Kindersley introduced himself to the meeting. He raised concerns over the consultation currently being undertaken by Stagecoach to cease the 27 daily bus service to Cambridge. By doing this Stagecoach would be able to improve the 26 service from Royston to Drummer Street. Mr Kindersley asked the views of the users of the early morning service which might include sixth form students. It was agreed that parishioners would be asked for feedback through the parish newsletter.

2.3 Church Tree Work

Mr McKee, the PCC Chairman, then explained that following the recent strong winds thirteen Lime trees bordering the Churchyard needed urgent attention. A large quantity of dead wood and branches were blown down into the road during the storm. The trees were last crown reduced in 2006 and Mr McKee stated that they needed similar treatment now. He had obtained quotations and the work would cost around £2,500 and any financial help from the Parish Council would be welcome. He was seeking a five day notice from the South Cambridgeshire District Council Tree Officer so that the work could be carried out urgently before the trees came into leaf.  A discussion took place on pollarding which was not considered suitable last time. There were neighbouring trees which had been pollarded. Mr McKee stated that this options would be more expensive. Mr Whittington asked the insurance position should a tree fall. Mr McKee agreed to find out and let Councillors know.

The Chairman thanked Mr Smith and Mr McKee for attending the meeting. Their requests would be considered under agenda items.




















3.1 County Council

 Cllr Dent was not in attendance.

3.2 District Council

Cllr Murfitt reported that the South Cambs magazine had been distributed. Most Councillors confirmed that they had received their copy.  She asked if there had been any issues with the new bin collection day. Mrs Norton advised that she had received some comments about the lack of notices advising of the change.

A publication, Cambridgeshire Celebrates Age, which listed activities for older people had been published. Cllr Murfitt agreed to arrange for copies to be made available in the Post Office.

Cllr Murfitt had been invited to join a Task and Finish group to consider isolated people in the villages. She asked for information on anyone locally. It was stated that there was the Heron and Mobile Warden scheme active in Steeple Morden and queried if there was a need for anything else.



















4.1 The Parish Council  Meeting held on 13th February 2017

On a proposition by Mr Whittington  seconded by Mrs Drew the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record  and signed by the Chairman.





5.1 A505 Junction

5.1.1 Update on HCC agreed work at Junction

There was no further update from the Clerk.

5.2 St Peter & St Paul –request for financial help for roof repairs

The Chairman reminded Councillors that the Parish Council had contributed in the past to the steeple project. Mr Whittington expressed his concern that the PCC had not taken steps to insure against the theft of the lead.  Mr Martin added that their Architect should be advising the Church representatives on alternatives to the lead as there would still be a temptation if replaced. The Clerk referred to a NALC briefing on providing funds for churches and stated that she would need to obtain advice on any decision made. Mrs Wheatley stated that the Parish Council should make a contribution to the roof repair and also the tree work as this would help with their own fundraising. After further discussion it was proposed by the Chairman to allocate £1,000 towards the roof and tree work, subject to clarification of the legal position. This was seconded by Cllr Wheatley with all Councillors in agreement.















6.1 To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

The invoices were checked by Mrs Drew. On a proposition by Dr Belson, seconded by Mrs Drew,  the following payments as listed in the monthly financial report were approved:


Newsletters March  2017                                                                                                          £48.00

IN & OUT           

Disabled toilet clean February 2017                                                                                     £ 17.24


Direct Debit January 2017                                                                                                   £   74.00


Contribution towards drain clearing            Tennis Club/Cricket Club                                                        £   78.24


Contribution towards printer cartridges                                                                             £   15.00


Materials for disabled toilet lock (inc. £5.16VAT)                                                         £    30.94


Clerks salary & expenses 1/1/17 -31/3/17                                                                         £ 851.93


PAYE 1/1/17-31/3/17                                                                                                            £ 212.80 

TOTAL                                                                                                                                    £1328.15
























7.1 Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group update

Mrs Drew advised that Mr David Holt had agreed to be the CCTV monitor as discussed at the last meeting.

7.1.1 Litter Problem

Mrs Drew reported that the litter problem was not so bad. Mr Martin added that there was still a lot of people leaving bags of dog waste around the ground. Mrs Upchurch added that this was also a problem on the green by the village sign. She was aware that a resident had picked a lot of bags up there. Mr Whittington added that another ‘hot spot’ was Windmill View where a lot of children waited for the school bus.  A discussion took place on whether additional dog waste bins would help. It was felt that there were enough bins around on the recreation ground but a new bin might help on Ashwell Road by the 30mph speed limit sign. The Clerk would make enquiries with South Cambridgeshire District Council to see if of this was agreeable to them. Cllr Murfitt would also pursue with their officers.

Mr Martin stated that there was still a problem with the Football Club leaving strapping and litter on the ground. Mrs Drew added that there was also a build up of mud outside the Pavilion. The Clerk was aware that she had an action point to write to the Football Club from the previous meeting so would include a request to sweep away the mud. She was asked to write to the Magpies as well.

7.1.2 Dangerous Willow tree by brook

The order had been placed for the removal of the tree.

7.2 Planting of Bulbs at entrance to village

The Clerk was awaiting details of planting suggestions.

7.3 Car Park Lighting

Mrs Drew was obtaining a quotation for two replacement lights.

7.4 Disabled Toilet and Keypad lock

The Clerk advised that the key to the door was missing and she was trying to get the lock changed. Once this was done the key safe could be progressed. Mrs Drew advised that the toilet rolls were not being put in the lockable holder and therefore disappearing. She gave the Clerk a key to the container and asked that this be passed on to the contractor.

7.5 Recreation Ground Drains

The Chairman had obtained one quotation. He advised that the design of the join between the Bowls Club and Village Hall drains could not cope with modern day usage as there was less water used now than when the drain was installed. The contractor had suggested that the junction was dug out and replaced with two junctions. The Chairman had approached four companies for further quotes and would now try local builders.

7.6 Damage to Recreation Ground Neighbours fence

Mrs Drew had met with the resident. She felt sure that the damage to the chain link fence was caused by the brush cutting and two sections, around 12 ft needed to be replaced.  It was agreed that she would see if the contractor Mr Ever den could deal.











-CM & Clerk






































8.1 Footpaths

8.1.1 Footpath 7

Mrs Norton reported that she had collected over £200 from parishioners towards the cost of diverting the footpath. A parishioner had also prepared flyers for distribution as a contribution.

8.1.2 Footpath 10 –Minor Highway Improvement Scheme 2017/18 Application

The County Council Panel recommendations were to go before the County Council committee on the 14th March 2017. A list of the successful applications should be available soon after that.

8.2 Village Grass cutting Contracts 2017-19

Three quotations had been received and details were circulated to Councillors. It was agreed that the current contractor, MD Landscapes, be awarded the contract for the Recreation Ground, hedge and verges for three years. Clerk to advise the contractors.

8.3 Litlington Road Bus Shelter

A local builder had been asked to make the shelter safe and provide a quotation for a like for like replacement shelter. The Clerk had circulated details of modern structures as a suggestion for replacement. Details would be forwarded to the insurance company once received.

8.4 Recreation Ground notice board

During the recent bad winds the notice board had blown down and the glass in the doors had shattered. The Insurance company had been advised and the Parish Council asked to provide two quotations for replacement. Mrs Drew and Clerk to investigate.

8.5 Replacement dog waste bins

The Clerk had obtained the price of replacement bins. A discussion took place on whether a complete bin was needed or just a lid.  It was agreed that a new bin be purchased at a cost of £133 plus VAT. It was hoped that the existing post would be suitable for the replacement. Clerk to arrange the purchase.























-AD & Clerk









9.1 Agreement of Hosting Company

Two quotations for hosting the Parish Council website had been received. It was agreed that the hosting contract be awarded to Lion Computing Solutions at £90 per annum. Additional support services were also available at an hourly rate. Clerk to progress.









10.1 Planning Ref S/0677/17/FL

12 Cheney Street –Single storey and two storey extensions alternations and new porch canopy to existing house and part conversion of existing garage and living space

(Daryl Lewis)

-Recommendation Support

10.2 Planning Ref S/0325/17/FL

66 Station Road –Detached double garage block to service Mill House barn

(Mr Stewart Lund)

-Recommendation –Support

10.3 Planning Ref S/0768/17/FL

29 North Brook End –Proposed rear extension including raising the ridge in part and proposed ancil

(L Hunt)

-Recommendation -Support





11.1 Update on Litter Picking

Dr Belson had arranged a successful 60 minute litter pick the previous weekend in Odsey with 20 bags of rubbish collected. She confirmed that South Cambridgeshire District Council would be picking up the bags later in the week. She had arranged for some press coverage and thanked The Jester who supplied refreshments for the volunteers. The next ‘litter pick’ would be held on the 8th April and would take place around the Litlington end of the village around The Green.

The Chairman suggested that as the there had been a big effort put into clearing of the station car park, and footpath past the old crane yard, a letter be sent to GM Spares asking that they now encourage their employees and visitors not to drop litter. It was agreed that the Clerk would write.

The Chairman stated that the Odsey litter pick was very much appreciated by residents there.

11.2 Additional Litter Bins

Cllr Murfitt had been asked to urge the request to South Cambridgeshire District Council to allow a litter bin to be installed on the Hay Street bus shelter.



















The Public House had suddenly closed during January 2017 with no explanation. Mr Martin was aware that a parishioner had contacted the owner, Hawthorn Leisure, and been told that they were trying to find another tenant.





It was agreed that, as in previous years, the Annual Parish Meeting would be held on the same evening as the Parish Council AGM, the 8th May 2017. The Clerk would prepare a notice for the next newsletter.






14.1 Steeple Morden Churchyard Trees

This was discussed under Item 5.2.

14.2 Parliamentary Boundary Commission Review 2

Heidi Allen MP had advised that she had formulated a counter proposal that showed how the southern villages could stay in South Cambridgeshire without affecting other areas aversely. The more support the proposal received the better chance of success. Ms Allen asked for parishioner feedback to the latest review which closed on the 27th March 2017.

The Chairman advised that he had responded personally and proposed that the Parish Council also make a representation which was agreed. As the newsletter would not be distributed before the deadline Mrs Drew would arrange for the consultation to be advertised around the village.










-AD & Clerk



15.1 War Memorials Trust

The Clerk reported that the War Memorials Trust were in the process of transferring the grant of £1270.00, towards the Odsey War Memorial  refurbishment, to the Parish Council.  She reminded Councillors that South Cambridgeshire District Council had also awarded a Community Chest grant of £1,000 and therefore as the cost of the refurbishment was £1690 they needed to be repaid £580. She would arrange this once the money was in the Parish Council account.

15.2 Recreation Ground Sign

Mr Whittington advised that he had been asked on a number of occasions, while carrying out the Speedwatch checks, for a sign. Councillors agreed that the existing signage was adequate and it was up to the clubs using the recreation ground to let their users have adequate directions.

15.3 22 Litlington Road

Mrs Upchurch expressed concern over works at the property which had resulted in Hornbeam trees being planted outside the boundary and an electricity cable installed along the footpath. There were also changes to the property being made. It was noted that as this was within the conservation area there might be a need for planning consent. It was agreed that the Clerk would query the boundary with County Highways and also see if planning consent was needed for the changes.






















DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 10th April  2017



There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.30 pm





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