Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Cricket Pavilion on

Monday 13 February 2017 at 7.30pm

Present:                     Councillors: J Brocklehurst (Chairman), S Martin, J Clayton, S Norton, C Whittington,  A Drew

District Cllr Murfitt

In attendance:               Mrs S Walmesley (Clerk) and 5 members of the public.






Apologies were received from Mrs Upchurch, Mrs Wheatley, Dr Belson and County Cllr Dent.

Mr Clayton declared a Pecuniary interest under Item 8.1.1 as the Landowner





2.1 Odsey Matters

An e-mail had been received from a resident expressing a number of concerns. This had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting. Residents were concerned over the deterioration of Odsey especially the number of vehicles parked on the road by commuters using the railway station. The residents were aware of actions in the past. The Chairman confirmed that the Parish Council had been attempting to address this issue for the past 20 years.

The Breakers yard was another concern. This was an eyesore with vehicles stacked four high. There were also cars parked regularly on the track outside the site waiting to go in. The large vehicles using the site also ploughed up the track.

The stretch of road from the station to the A505 did not appear to have any drainage as there were large puddles. The A505 itself was a huge concern over safety. Residents were aware that Ashwell Parish Council had this issue on their agenda and there had also been concerns raised  in the Royston Crow. The Chairman advised that Hertfordshire County Council were supposed to be upgrading the road markings and the Parish Council had been urging this work to happen for at least two years. Hertfordshire County Council also had a contribution from the OMYA development towards junction improvements.  He added that the Royston campaign group had an aim to close the cross over points on the A505 which would cause an increase in traffic for all the villages if this was to happen.

Parking at the Jester was a problem as vehicles often blocked the pavements which made it especially hazardous in the dark. The Chairman confirmed that the Parish Council had written to the Jester Landlord who had put up some notices. The Chairman had also been into the bar and asked for vehicles to be moved.

The Chairman stated that the Parish Council was aware of all these issues but there was very little they could do. He urged residents to complain through the County Council website. Cllr Murfitt confirmed that Heidi Allen MP was aware of the problems in these locations. The Chairman advised residents that Cllr Dr Belson was arranging a litter pick in Odsey on the 11th  March and invited volunteers. The area outside the Breakers Yard could be targeted and also the footpath through the private land on the site.

The resident, who had written the e-mail, was asked for permission to forward the communication to County Cllr Dent and Heidi Allen MP which he gave. Copies of the e-mail would also be put on the notice boards and in the newsletter to try and raise awareness.


















3.1 County Council

 Cllr Dent was not in attendance.

3.2 District Council

Cllr Murfitt advised that the next South Cambs Bulletin would be going to print at the end of the month and distributed to residents soon after.

The South Cambridgeshire District Council tax was to increase by £5 for a Band D home.

The refuse collection day was to change to a Wednesday from the end of the month. Leaflets advising of the change, and the timetable, were being distributed to properties.

Cllr Murfitt expressed her concern over recent press report where the MP for Cambridge City had criticised the licensing system for taxi drivers in South Cambridgeshire. Cllr Murfitt stated that every driver was thoroughly checked and the decision whether or not to award a licence was down to the Officers. If the applicant was refused they could ask for a Panel to hear the case. If the Panel also refused the licence then the applicant could go to the Magistrates. She added that in recent times only one applicant had been awarded a licence on appeal.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Murfitt for her report.



















4.1 The Parish Council  Meeting held on 9th January 2017

On a proposition by Mr Clayton  seconded by Mrs Drew the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record  and signed by the Chairman.





5.1 A505 Junction

5.1.1 Update on HCC agreed work at Junction

There was no further update from the Clerk.

5.2 Inconsiderate Parking

The PCSO had been contacted regarding the concerns over parking on Hay Street. He suggested that someone from the Parish Council made enquiries in the Primary School. He had also been asked about the parking in Odsey. The reply was that as the vehicles were not blocking pavements there was not a need for the side lights to be on at night time. The Chairman commented that the PCSO was probably unaware that this area was in a 40mph speed limit.

Mr Martin confirmed that there were several cars parked at the junction and he was aware that the resident that had raised the concerns had been into school. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact the PCSO again and request that he follows up with the school as he had more authority than the Parish Council.















6.1 To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

The invoices were checked by Mrs Drew. On a proposition by Mr Clayton, seconded by Mrs Norton,  the following payments as listed in the monthly financial report were approved:


Newsletters February 2017                                                                                                      £56.00

IN & OUT           

Disabled toilet clean January 2017                                                                                                         19.86


Direct Debit January 2017                                                                                                   £   74.00


Contribution towards drain clearing                                                                                                  £   68.65


Grasscutting 2016   Recreation Ground (20 cuts)                   £1400.00

Verges   (4 cuts)                                                                            £  840.00

Conservation area                                                                         £  200.00

Recreation Ground hedge front and side                                  £  180.00

Strim fence line on car park                                                        £    20.00

VAT                                                                                                 £  528.00                        £3168.00


Renewal of data protection registration                                                                            £    35.00


Streetlighting electricity October –September 2016                                                                      £1502.22

7.2 Application for Lloyds on-line Bank Account

The Clerk advised that she had contacted the Bank for an update on the application but was told that as there had been no contact since the application was submitted the process needed to be started again. She would arrange the telephone interview to start again.
































7.1 Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group update

7.1.1 Litter Problem

Mrs Drew had been made aware of a litter problem. The working group had discussed whether a barrier to keep unauthorised vehicles out of the car park would work.  She believed that once the car park lighting was brighter it would discourage the offenders. It was noted that the Pre-School clothes bank at the rear of the car park had been broken into. It was suggested that it might be better placed in the school overflow car park.

A discussion then took place on the CCTV cameras. Mrs Drew advised that she did not have the time to check the footage and suggested that the responsibility should be for someone around most times. In the past David Holt , a member of the working group, had offered. It was agreed that Mrs Drew would see if he was prepared to take on the task.

Mr Martin reported that following the weekend football sessions there was always a lot of litter left on the football pitches including drink bottles and strapping. Mr Whittington added that there were volunteers who cleared up after the games. The Football Club had been told about this before.

It was agreed that a letter be sent to the Football Club bringing the concerns to their attention. They would also be reminded to use the overflow car park as there had been complaints about the number of vehicles parked on Hay Street during football matches.

7.1.2 Dangerous Willow tree by brook

Two quotations had now been received for felling and partially felling of the tree. After discussion the quote from Top Tree Fellas, for £750 to fell the tree, was approved. Mr Whittington suggested that the chippings from the tree be left on site in a pile so that they could be  used  on muddy areas. Clerk to advise the contractors.

7.2 Planting of Bulbs at entrance to village

The Clerk had spoken to the contractor who would forward some information. She had stated that the planting  options needed to be considered. Once the information was received the Clerk would circulate to Councillors for discussion at a future meeting.

7.3 Car Park Lighting

Mrs Drew had received a quotation for one light. It was noted that two were needed so she would pursue an updated quote. She added that the contractor would have to hire a scaffolding tower, as they were not allowed to use ladders,  which  added to the cost.

7.4 Disabled Toilet and Keypad lock

The Clerk advised that local builder, Steve Lock, had repaired the toilet door free of charge. She had given the go ahead to Mr Eversden to install the keypad lock but as the door was made of PVC it would have to be a different design.

7.5 Recreation Ground Drains

The Chairman reported that he had met with the Village Hall Chairman, Keith Austin, and found that there was a problem with the part of the drain where the Bowls Club drain met the Village Hall drain. There might also be a problem further along. He suggested  a camera survey to see what was happening and once known see if the drainage could be upgraded. Mr Clayton suggested that it would be a better option to get the drain at the junction where the problem was known repaired as this might solve the problem. This would avoid the costly camera survey. This option was agreed by Councillors. The Chairman would contact some Drainage companies for costings.













































8.1 Footpaths

8.1.1 Footpath 7

Mrs Norton advised that to date she had received a promise of £50 towards the cost of the footpath diversion. She was liaising with a village resident over the updating of the footpath leaflet and they would also be trying to progress this issue.

8.1.2 Footpath 10 –Minor Highway Improvement Scheme 2017/18 Application

Mrs Norton had attended the County Council Panel meeting. She advised that the moment the panel members saw the photographs of the diversion sign they agreed that the issue should have been dealt with already.

8.2 Village Grasscutting Contracts 2017-19

Mrs Norton confirmed that a parishioner had offered to cut the conservation area for the cost of his diesel. The Clerk was still trying to get up to date maps of the County Council grass verges.

It was agreed that a specification for the grasscutting, excluding the conservation area, be forwarded to three contractors for quotations to be submitted for agreement at the March meeting. If there were any grassed areas missed from the specification these could be added at a later date.

8.3 Repair to Litlington Road Bus Shelter

The bus shelter had been partially knocked down. The Insurance Company had been advised and they had asked for two quotations for the repair.

A discussion took place on how the damage, believed to have taken place in the early hours of Sunday 29th January, could have occurred. Councillors expressed their concern over the current dangerous condition of the structure and suggested that it should be demolished as children used the bus stop to catch the school bus. A discussion on a replacement shelter took place with the suggestion that a modern shelter might be a better option. After further discussion it was agreed that the Clerk obtain permission from the Insurance Company to have the structure made safe as soon as possible. She would then obtain information required to replace/repair the structure.

Mr Whittington advised that Speedwatch checks had resumed and they were still showing high numbers of vehicles speeding. He added that Cozys bus was a cause for concern. He hoped that the Police would deliver the warning letters personally to the bus company to make them aware.



















9.1 Agreement of Hosting Company

Morden Web Design had urged a decision regarding a replacement hosting company. The Clerk advised that another local company had agreed to quote but at the time of the request there had been no urgency. She would contact them and ask for the quote by the March meeting so that a decision could be made.

9.2 Upgrade to existing site

Morden Web Design had advised that they would not be able to add any additional pages for the Parish Council. This would have to be reviewed at a later date.










10.1 Planning Ref S/3525/16/FL

12 Brook End –Demolition and rebuild of existing linked Farmhouse out-buildings to create new office, utility space and enlarged kitchen

(Mrs K Topping)

10.2 Planning Ref S/3601/16/FL

67 Hay Street –Conversion of existing outbuilding to single bedsit studio, one bedroom adaptable living to allow for wheelchair access to be used in conjunction with main dwelling

(Mr Anthony Fison)

Details of both planning applications had been circulated to Councillors who agreed that there were no concerns. As the consultation period had ended there were no comments to be made.





11.1 Update on Proposal for Litter Picking

Dr Belson had advised that she had some volunteers but not as many as was hoped. She asked for a reminder to go in the March newsletter and urged Councillors to encourage friends and neighbours to join the litter picking team. She had received some protective clothing from South Cambridgeshire District Council and would source high viz jackets. The first event was to take place on Saturday 11th March in Odsey.

11.2 Additional Litter Bins

The Clerk confirmed that she had requested a litter bin, for the bus shelter on Hay Street, as discussed at the last meeting. She would urge with the South Cambridgeshire District Council Refuse Supervisor. Cllr Murfitt agreed to do the same.

11.3 Registration of Volunteer Group with Cambridgeshire County Council

The Clerk confirmed that the registration form had been completed and returned to the County Council.











-Clerk & CM







12.1 St Peter &St Paul –Request for financial help for Roof Repairs

A letter had been received from Mr David McKee, Church Chairman, and Mike Smith, Treasurer, advising of further work required to the north aisle roof as a result of lead being stolen. Contractors quotes had been obtained and it was clear that the Church were short of significant funds in the region of £30,000. Further grants were being sought. The Parish Council were asked to consider some financial support for the vital repairs.

Councillors were surprised at this request as they thought that all money for repairs had been raised. After discussion it was agreed that Mr McKee would be asked for more information. This would be an agenda item for discussion at the March meeting.

12.2 Request to use Steeple Morden recreation ground for a ‘Fun Run’ on 29th March 2017

A student at Bassingbourn Village College, participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, had asked to organise a fund raising run with the help of a PE teacher at Steeple Morden Primary School.

The Chairman advised that he had queried the date as it was a Wednesday. Councillors were made aware that this was a coaching night at the Tennis Club and there would be additional traffic which could be dangerous. Councillors agreed that the run could go ahead. The Chairman would reply to the student giving permission and would point out the concerns of the tennis club and advise that the run be kept away from the club area.

12.3 Damage to recreation ground neighbours perimeter fence

Damage was caused when the brushwood adjacent to the football field was cut. A temporary repair had been made but it was suggested that a professional repair be made to ensure that the fence was secure.

The Chairman advised that he had spoken to the resident before Christmas and he understood him to say that he would be contacting his insurance company. Mrs Drew agreed to follow up with the resident and find out the exact damage.

12.4 Smarties Rabbit Run

It was hoped to hold the Rabbit Run on the 1st April 2017 from 9.30am around the back field of the recreation ground. The money raised would go towards a new outside playground.

Councillors agreed to give permission to use the recreation ground.  The Woodland Trust would have to give permission for the use of the wood. The Clerk to reply. She was asked to advise Smarties of the Fun Run scheduled for the 29th March, a couple of days earlier.

12.5 Odsey Matters

An e-mail from an Odsey resident had been circulated to Councillors. This was discussed under Item 2.1 where it was agreed to forward the communication to County Cllr Dent and Heidi Allen MP.

12,6 SCDC Parish Council Election Order

The order to change the schedule of Parish Council elections to every four years had now been passed. A copy had been forwarded to the Council. All Parish Councils in South Cambridgeshire would be up for election in 2018.












































13.1 Upgrade to Footpath

Mr Whittington reported that Mr Holt, in conjunction with the neighbouring residents had laid a mesh path, covering approximately 80ft along the footpath next to 83 Hay Street. This path had been a cause of concern due to mud. Over the years grass would grow through the mesh. Mr Whittington added that he had thanked Mr Holt for his work but suggested a letter from the Parish Council be sent. Mr Holt had indicated that he had some of the materials left over and offered them to the Parish Council. This could help with the problems on the tennis club path.  It was agreed that a letter of thanks for the excellent work be sent by the Clerk . She would also accept the offer of any spare materials.

13.2 Request for Dog Waste bin lid

Mr Whittington reminded Councillors that he had requested a replacement lid a number of months ago.  The bin might even need to be replaced. As this bin was probably purchased by the Parish Council, in the past, it would be their responsibility to replace. It was agreed that the Clerk would get some costings for a replacement bin, and a replacement lid, for discussion on how to proceed at the next meeting.


















DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 13th March  2017



There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 8.55 pm

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