Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on

Monday 14 November 2016 at 7.30pm

Present:                     Councillors: J Brocklehurst (Chairman),   A Drew, S Martin, C Whittington, V Belson, S Norton, C Upchurch, J Clayton

District Cllr Murfitt

In attendance:               Mrs S Walmesley (Clerk) and 4 members of the public.



Mrs Norton and Mrs Upchurch signed the Declaration of Acceptance of office.




Apologies were received from Mrs Wheatley. Mr Clayton declared a non pecuniary interest under Item 11 as an Employer of agricultural vehicle drivers.





3.1 Update from Football Club

There was no update made.

3.2 Other

3.2.1 Hay Street Parking

It was reported that there were a lot more vehicles being parked on Hay Street during school pick up/drop off times and residents were finding it difficult to get in and out of their driveways. It was observed that there were spaces in the drop off car park at these times. Mr Martin added that he had also noticed this at the recent bonfire event where people choose to park on the road. It was agreed that the Clerk would contact the Primary School Headteacher and ask that parents be reminded of the car park.

3.2.1 Changes to Parliamentary Boundaries

Councillors were urged to make a representation to the Boundary Commission. This would be discussed under Item 5.4.

3.2.2 .Planning Application 66 Station Road

 Concern was raised over the plans to replace an agricultural building with a dwelling. Councillors were advised that there was a lot of asbestos on the site. There was also Government guidance which stated that the structure must be strong enough to support the conversion which was not thought sufficient. Councillors were urged to ask for a Planning Committee site visit.

















4.1 County Council

 Cllr Dent had circulated a report.

4.2 District Council

Cllr Murfitt reported that the Parish Council were being allowed to adopt the telephone kiosk on The Green once it was decommissioned.

The trees on Ashwell Road were being investigated by the Housing Association as leaves had appeared. The Clerk advised that she had also been told by the Housing Association that the dead trees report had been forwarded to their Tenant Service Team who would progress.

There was to be a Devolution vote at South Cambridgeshire District Council. Cllr Murfitt felt that this was already a done deal for Cambridgeshire/Peterborough. She personally did not like the idea of a Mayor as it would mean too much power in the hands of one person. It would also be very expensive.

Cllr Murfitt had been contacted by concerned residents over the proposed changes to the Parliamentary boundaries. She had confirmed that the existing services would not be affected.

The Local Development Plan inspection was progressing very slowly. Mr Whittington queried the building of a large number of properties in Godmanchester. It was advised that these were in Huntingdonshire district and related to the moving of the A14 to help with congestion. There was also to be a new Park and Ride facility in Madingley.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Murfitt for her report.

























4.1 The Parish Council  Meeting held on 10th October   2016

On a proposition by Mr Whittington seconded by Mrs Drew the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record.





5.1 A505 Junction

5.1.1 Update on HCC agreed work at Junction

There was no further update from the Clerk. It was noted that a new direction sign had been installed by Hertfordshire County Council. Cllr Murfitt advised that she had received some responses and photographs following her appeal in the parish newsletter. These had been added to the evidence file.

5.1.2 FOI Request from Police

The Clerk had circulated the list of accidents on or near the junction advised by Hertfordshire Police. Bedfordshire Police had advised that they had nothing recorded. The Cambridgeshire Police response was awaited. Mrs Drew reported that there was an A505 group on social media. Cllr Murfitt confirmed that the local action group had met with these members. Councillors were urged to respond to the current Hertfordshire County Council consultation on Transport.

5.2  Defibrillator Training

The training sessions would be taking place in the Primary School on the 16th and 23rd November. The Clerk had a list of names for each session and had forwarded these to the organiser.

5.3 Cheyney Water Woodland

The Chairman explained the position of the woodland where there was a public footpath around the edge. There was no obvious access to the wood so suggested this was not followed up with the Landowner.

5.4 Boundary Commission –Proposals for Parliamentary boundaries

It was noted that that the Boundary Commission was trying to get an equal number of MPs per population which would also mean a reduction in the MP numbers. A lot of residents did not like the proposal to include Steeple Morden within a Hertfordshire constituency as this would mean the one MP representing parishioners in Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire where there were different education authorities and the counties were part of a different Church Diocese. Dr Belson advised that she was aware Melbourn Parish Council was leafleting their parishioners. After discussion it was proposed by Mr Clayton, seconded by Mrs Drew, that the proposal be objected to by the Parish Council. All Councillors in agreement. A discussion took place on the parish newsletter and how the objections could be promoted. A parishioner offered to work with Mrs Drew and compile a list for residents to make their representations. Dr Belson offered to put laminated posters advising of the proposal, and how representations could be made, around the village. The Clerk was asked to advise Heidi Allen MP what the parish was doing.


































7.1 To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

The following Direct Debit had been commenced in October 2016

E-ON               £74.00 per month

The invoices were checked by Mrs Drew. On a proposition by Dr Belson , seconded by Mr Clayton,  the following payments as listed in the monthly financial report were approved:


Newsletters November 2016                                                                                                    £56.00

IN & OUT           

Disabled toilet clean October 2016                                                                                                     £ 12.74


Materials for installation of entrance sign (inc. £3.48VAT)                                               £20.86


Installation of  entrance sign                                                                                                    £70.00


Paper towels for disabled toilet                                                                                               £  9.90


Recreation Ground water rate April-Oct 16                             £402.93

Allotment water rate                                                      £ 71.87                                            £474.80


Reimburse for recreation ground materials                                                                                       £  63.76


Direct Debit (Nov 16)                                                                                                            £  74.00


Donation towards First Responder Scheme agreed at the November PC meeting                       £500.00

TOTAL                                                                                                                                    £1282.06

6.2 Budget 2017/18

Mr Clayton had started work on the draft budget and circulated details to Councillors. He invited comments. The Clerk advised that the budget would need to be approved, and the precept set, at the January 2017 meeting. The Chairman thanked Mr Clayton for his work.





7.1 Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group update

Mrs Drew advised that Mr Goddard had removed more suckers from the trees and these had been added to the recent bonfire. The PTA had cleared up the recreation ground following their event. Mr Martin advised that he had noticed a lot of plastic still remained on the conservation area. Dr Belson confirmed that a litter pick was carried out the morning after the event.

7.1.1 Dangerous Willow tree by brook

The contractor had been reminded that a quote was requested. It was reported that some work had been carried out on the tree. This would be checked.

7.2 Planting of Bulbs at entrance to village

In hand. The Clerk investigating.

7.3 Request by Football Club to cut back scrub

This had been completed.

7.4 Car Park Lighting

Mrs Drew had started investigating quotations for replacement lighting but needed to know the requirement of the CCTV cameras. The Clerk was asked to provide the contact details of the contractor so that this could be progressed.
















-AD &Clerk





8.1 Ashwell Road Birch Trees

Mrs Norton referred to the update made by Cllr Murfitt in her report adding that the trees originally planted as part of the planning consent had died and were no longer there. She suggested that the Housing Association be asked to reinstate these trees which would break up the existing hedge. Clerk to contact the Bedfordshire Pilgrims Housing Association.

8.2 Request for Parish Council to Maintain Footpaths

The Chairman and Mrs Wheatley had met with the parishioner who had suggested that the Parish Council take over all the maintenance of the paths. She had realised this was far too big for the Parish Council to oversee. A request was made for an electronic copy of the footpaths leaflet which as far as Councillors were aware was not available. Dr Belson suggested contacting the printers to see if they still had the original version. The Clerk would find out who the printers were.

8.2.1 Woodland Grange Tree

The Chairman reported that he had reached the same conclusion as Mr Whittington regarding the ownership of the tree. However in the Land Registry document there was a tiny finger of land alongside No 62 Hay Street which still belonged to Woodland Grange. This was where the tree was located. The Chairman had passed the information onto the Woodland Grange committee who accepted that the tree was their responsibility.

8.2.2 Footpath 7and Footpath 10

A meeting had been held between the Chairman, Mrs Wheatley, Mrs Norton, a representative from the Ramblers association, The Rights Of Way Officer Peter Gaskin and the Landowner, All parties agreed that there was a County Council footpath sign which was not for the route on the definitive map. The unofficial route had been walked for over 50 years and there should be no problem in principle in getting the route changed on the map. The only issue was the cost as the County Council Legal Department and Highway Department were now self financing and therefore charged market rates for their services. Mr Gaskin had suggested that the cost to change the map would be around £5000 and that was why the Landowner was not keen to pursue.

The Chairman had also raised the issue of the map showing Footpath 10 running across the children’s playground. Again there was a sign to show the footpath had been moved. Mr Gaskin had suggested that the Parish Council apply for some funding under the Minor Highway Improvement Scheme to get the definitive map changed to show the unofficial routes.

A discussion took place on the suggestion with Councillors agreeing that it was the mistake of the County Council putting the signs in the wrong place and they should correct it.  Concern was expressed over Footpath 7 belonging to a private landowner and helping to fund the correction could set a precedent for other paths in the village. After further discussion it was agreed not to pursue Footpath 7 which could be managed by the Landowner. As the Parish Council owned the land on which Footpath 10 passed an application would be made to correct this path on the definitive map and an application would be made under the MHI scheme 2017/18.















9.1 Hosting

Mr Martin reported that he had approached a company but was advised this was not the type of business they operated. They suggested the same contractor that had been recommended by the current host. The Clerk would investigate hosting companies of other local council websites.

9.2 Upgrade

Morden Web Design had agreed to upgrade the current website to enable the Clerk to upload Parish Council documents. This was in progress.








10.1 Planning Ref S/2566/16/PA

66 Station Road –Prior notice for change of use of agricultural building to dwelling

(Mr Lund)

Mr Martin advised that this was an application under Permitted Development. It was noted that when the application for the other two new dwelling was discussed the Parish Council had asked for an environmental report to be carried out as there was concern that there was wildlife on the site. It was stated that the footprint of the existing barn, which had not been used as an agricultural building for a number of years, would be used and the land behind would not be developed.  A discussion took place on issues raised by members of the public under Item 3.2.2 and how the Developer could overcome these to allow planning consent. Concern was also raised over the amount of building there was in the village. After further discussion it was agreed that a ‘No recommendation’ be made with the comment that there were concerns over the creeping of development in the countryside. The Officers would also be asked if the application could go before the District Council Planning Committee.

Recommendation –No recommendation. Concern of the increase in development in and around the village.

10.2 Planning Ref S/2505/16/FL

4 Westbrook Close –Demolition of existing boundary wall to build full length wall with metal rails and electric sliding gate

(Mr & Mrs Wisdom)

Recommendation –Support

10.3 Planning Ref S/2659/16/DC For Information

105 Hay Street – Discharge of condition for S/0267/15/FL

10.4 Planning Ref S/2456/16/DC For information

22-28 Ashwell Road –Discharge of condition 2 (materials), 3 (landscaping), 4 (fire hydrants) and 10 (drainage) for planning application S/2598/14/FL

(E W Pepper)





It was noted that the speed limit for modern vehicles was 30mph the same as a lorry. Mr Clayton stated that he understood that some people did not like the larger vehicles using the village roads but it was safer for the vehicles to go through Litlington to access the A505 as there was better visibility. Mr Whittington stated that the main offenders were contractors from outside the village. A discussion took place on the process to move large vehicles. After discussion it was agreed that this would be revisited in May 2017 when letters would be sent out to Farmers who use contractors asking for their co-operation. Residents would also be reminded that the late Summer/ Autumn was a busy time of year for Farmers and to help by keeping access as clear as possible.





As discussed under Item 8.2.2 the Parish Council would submit an application for funding for the change to the definitive map for Footpath 10. The Chairman and Mrs Norton agreed to complete the application.


-JB & SN



13.1 Proposal for litter picking

Dr Belson had circulated a report of her plan. She advised that some informal consultation had been carried out and people were in favour of the proposal. She stated that there were certain things which would be needed to make the plan work including aids to assist with the litter picking. The insurance issue would also need to be investigated. The village pubs could be involved as a point for refreshments for the volunteers. Dr Belson stated that a couple of additional litter bins would be of benefit at the northern end of Hay Street and the Clerk agreed to consult with South Cambridgeshire District Council to see if they would agree to their installation. Mr Clayton suggested inviting the Scouts, Guides and Brownies to take part. A donation could then be made by the Parish Council towards their activities.

The membership of the parish in the Community Highway Volunteering Scheme would be agreed at the next meeting.










-GB & Clerk



14.1 Historic England –Notification of Steeple Morden War Memorial Listing

Details had been circulated to Councillors. Historic England was also considering the listing of the Odsey War Memorial.

14.2 SCDC Parish Planning Training

Details had been circulated. Dr Belson would be attending a session held in Sawston.

14.3 9A Church Street –Tree Work application

There were no objections or comments made for the application to reduce a Sycamore crown.

14.4 SCDC Local Green Space Designation –Ransom Strip, Craft Way

An e-mail had been received from the Senior Planning Policy Officer, Alison Talkington, asking for assistance with the preparation of a statement for the Local Plan examination. The Parish Council was asked if the Ransom Strip met the criteria for LGS designation as it was in private ownership with no public access.

The Chairman explained that the Parish Council had identified green space in the parish which was important to parishioners in the Local Plan consultation. The purpose and ownership of the ransom strip was discussed. It was agreed that as the ransom strip was in private ownership it did not meet the criteria for designation. The Clerk was asked to reply to Ms Talkington and confirm that the other designated areas put forward at the consultation stage were either owned by the Parish Council or by organisations, such as the Woodland Trust, which allowed public access. The Parish Council still continued to support these sites.























15.1 Hay Street Burglaries

Mr Martin reported that there had been two burglaries during daytime in the last couple of weeks.

15.2 Speedwatch Complaint

Mr Whittington advised that he had received a complaint had been made by a resident about the Speedwatch team. He and the Chairman would compile a response. Mr Whittington added that the team had only just started monitoring Station Road and he was horrified by the speed of vehicles approaching the village. More sessions were planned and he would be asking the police to join in. Mrs Upchurch suggested a Speedwatch session be held on Litlington Road. Mr Whittington advised the criteria for the team and that the equipment has to be a certain distance inside the speed limit zone. Mr Martin asked if Mr Whittington was aware of people using mobile phones while driving. He advised that he had spotted mostly young women doing this. It was noted that mobile phone use was currently being targeted with much stiffer penalties for the offenders.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 12th December  2016



There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.45 pm

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