Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Sports Pavilion on

Monday 12 September2016 at 7.30pm

Present:                       Councillors: J Brocklehurst (Chairman),   A Drew, S Martin, C Whittington, V Belson, S Wheatley

District Cllr Murfitt

In attendance:                Mrs S Walmesley (Clerk) and 6 members of the public.





Apologies were received from Mr Clayton and County Cllr Dent. Mr Whittington declared a non pecuniary interest under Item 13.1 as a Committee Member. Mrs Wheatley declared a non pecuniary interest under Item 3.2 as she had connections with the Football Club. Dr Belson declared a non pecuniary interest under Item 13.6 as a member of the PTA.





There were no applications for co-option.  Mr Hobbs had tendered his resignation from the Parish Council and the process had been started to replace him.





3.1 Proposed Community Activities at the Wagon and Horses

The Landlord of the Wagon and Horses, Mick Gough, advised that he had a three year contract and wanted to get the pub more involved in the community.  The ‘Pub in a Hub’ idea was a funding source to stop village pubs closing. Mr Gough was looking for suggestions as to how the pub could be used during the day. He was investigating a community cinema and a book library and was also looking to improve the camping site at the rear of the building which would attract visitors to the village. Councillors agreed that a community cinema would be a good idea with films for adults and children. Mrs Drew suggested a museum as there was a lot of old machinery and equipment in the village which was looking for a home. Mr Whittington suggested that the Morden Players be contacted as they were interested in open air theatre. The Chairman suggested that Mr Gough arrange to put an item in the parish newsletter requesting parishioner suggestions. He thanked Mr Gough and wished him good luck.

3.2 Update from Football Club

Mr Holt reported that he had met with the landowner and they now had a broad agreement for two pitches (adult and junior) on the land. There were further issues to discuss and a planning application for change of use would have to be submitted by the landowner. The project would be financed by the football club. The primary school had no issues with the proposal and Mr Holt confirmed that they were being kept updated on progress. Mr Martin asked about onsite parking. Mr Holt advised that parking facilities would be as at present. He envisaged players gaining access via the gate by the Bowls Club.

Mr Holt then asked that the Parish Council arrange for the scrub by the football pitch to be cut back again. The Chairman advised that Mr Clayton organised the cutting back last time and he would be asked for his help again.

It was stated that the marking out of the lines on the football pitch appeared to have killed the grass. Mr Holt advised that the lining was carried out by a licenced  company and the paint they used lasted a lot longer. He added that using the contractor saved the football club money and the grass eventually would grow back.

3.3 Other

3.3.1 Footpath 7

The Chairman advised that he had been contacted by the Ramblers concerned over Cambridgeshire County Council’s plan to reinstate the original route of Footpath 7 across a field. At present the footpath went around the edge of the field which was a much easier route. Parishioner Mrs Norton produced a map which showed the designated footpath and the route which had been used for a number of years. The Ramblers and Farmer were against the plan which seemed pointless. The Ramblers had asked for people that had used the path for a long time to complete a form and the Chairman had agreed to pass on details of parishioners to them.

3.3.2 Parish Newsletter

Mrs Goddard introduced Richard Williams who had volunteered to help with the production of the newsletter.

3.3.3 School Bus

Councillors were advised that the school bus was still turning in Craft Way.

3.3.4 Greenway Hedge

It was reported that a hedge believed to belong to Cambridgeshire Highways, on Litlington Road, was overhanging the footway. Parishioners were asked to report this on the County Council website where there was an interactive map.





4.1 County Council

 Cllr Dent had circulated a report. The Chairman advised that the County Council Waste Management Officer had visited the old Odsey crane site following his request. The officer had spoken to the owners and pointed out that they were trespassing and changing the use of the land without permission. Almost instantly vehicles were moved inside the compound. The Chairman thanked the Waste Management Team for their action.

4.2 District Council

Cllr Murfitt advised that the South Cambridgeshire magazine had been distributed. Mrs Drew advised that she had not received a copy and Cllr Murfitt agreed to give her a copy for herself and neighbours.

The First Responder group had been awarded £1000 from the Community Chest Fund.

British Telecom was carrying out a 42 day consultation to remove the telephone kiosk on the Green. There had been no calls made from the kiosk over the past 12 months. The Chairman advised that he had spoken to residents and they did not have a problem with the equipment being removed. It was noted that the kiosk without the equipment could be adopted by the Parish Council and used for another purpose. Councillors agreed that this would be a good idea and discussed further at the next meeting.

The Local Government Boundary Commission had published their final recommendations for Cambridgeshire in which Steeple Morden was included in the Gamlingay Ward.

Cllr Murfitt concluded her report by advising that the consultation on Devolution had closed. She was concerned that this had not been widely advertised and she was also concerned over the prospect that there would be an elected paid Mayor with a lot of power. There was a meeting being held in Melbourn on the 20th September, regarding Devolution, which Councillors had been notified of.

The Chairman thanked Cllr Murfitt for her report.






5.1 The Parish Council  Meeting held on 9th July 2016

On a proposition by Mrs Drew seconded by Dr Belson  the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record.





6.1 A505 Junction

6.1.1 Update on HCC agreed work at Junction

There was no further update.

6.1.2 Request for information from Sir Oliver Heald MP

The Chairman explained the background to a request from Sir Oliver Heald regarding a campaign to close all the cross over points on the A505. This was due to a recent accident. Councillors agreed that this would be a stupid move as it would mean more people driving through the villages. Mrs Wheatley advised that the closure of these points had been discussed at various site meetings regarding the A505 and, although it would solve one safety issue, would create another with the increased traffic. It was agreed that a draft reply would be prepared by the Chairman and Mrs Wheatley for the Clerk to send.

6.2 Update on the purchase of Community Speedwatch Equipment

The equipment had been ordered. The cost would be shared with Litlington, Meldreth and Whaddon.

6.3 Defibrillator Training

There was no update available. A parishioner suggested that training videos be used and agreed to liaise with Mr Crankshaw who had initiated the defibrillator installation during his time as a Parish Councillor.









-JB, SW and Clerk



7.1 To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

The invoices were checked by the Chairman. On a proposition by Mrs Wheatley , seconded by Mrs Drew,  the following payments as listed in the monthly financial report were approved:


Newsletters September 2016                                                                                                              £48.00


Disabled toilet clean July 2016                                                                         £ 12.72

                                     August 2016                                                                    £ 15.90                  £ 28.62


Bylaws and Public Nuisance Training                                                                                          £   40.00


Contribution towards car park lights                                                                                            £ 250.00


Reading Room electricity (inc. £3.62VAT)                                                                                    £  76.03


Refurbishment of Odsey War Memorial (inc. £338.00VAT)                                                  £2028.00


Renewal of insurance premium 1/10/16-30/9/16 (3rd year)                                                   £1283.41

TOTAL                                                                                                                                              £3754.06

7.2 To consider Donation to First Responder Initiative

Councillors were reminded of the presentation made at the July meeting. It was confirmed that other parishes were being asked to contribute. Mr Whittington proposed that the donations be handled in the same way as the Speedwatch Equipment funding and that each parish covered by the initiative contribute an equal amount. The Clerk was asked to liaise with the other villages before a decision was made.





























8.1 Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group update

Mrs Drew reported that the paper towels and toilet paper were not being replaced in the disabled toilet. Clerk to contact the cleaners.

The conservation area was looking awful and needed to be cut. It was advised that the annual cut of the area, and the recreation ground hedge, were due any time. The Chairman suggested in future the number of cuts of the area should be revisited. Advice would be sought on cutting as this was a conservation area.

There had been complaints about the car park lights which were dim. It was suggested that they could either be cleaned or replaced. Mr Whittington advised that the Tennis Club were investigating LED lighting and maybe the Parish Council and clubs could work together. This would be an agenda item for discussion at the next meeting.

8.1.1. Cutting Back of Lime Tree Suckers

Mrs Drew reported that the contractors Andy Worboys and Daughter had voluntarily cut the suckers back on one tree. A parishioner had offered to carry out the work on the other trees just before bonfire night.

8.1.2 Dangerous Willow tree by brook

The current status was unknown. The Clerk to find out the position from the contractor.

8.2  Recreation Ground Sign –Update on Installation

The Clerk advised that the sign was ready to be delivered. Mrs Drew agreed that it could be delivered to her and made available for parishioners to see at the Harvest Fair before it was installed.

8.3 Planting of Bluebells in Whitepond Wood

The Woodland Trust had been contacted and they had forwarded the request to the local officer. The Clerk to urge a response.

8.4 Update on Car Park Resurfacing

The resurfacing had taken place but the marking out of the disabled parking bay was still to be done. The Clerk to chase.

8.5 Planting of Bulbs at entrance to village

An e-mail address provided had not worked. The Clerk would continue with her investigations for an update at the next meeting.

8.6 Request by Football Club to cut back scrub

This request was discussed under Item 3.2. Mr Martin advised that the last cut was severe and caused problems for neighbours. It was believed that this cut was only required at ground level.

































9.1 Odsey War Memorial

The work on the War Memorial had been completed and it was agreed that the structure looked very good. The Clerk would now progress the grant from the War Memorials Trust which had been initiated by the previous Chairman.

9.2 Ashwell Road Birch Trees

It was believed that the trees were part of the landscaping scheme planted as part of the development.  This would be followed up with the developers.  It was noted that Rowan trees would be a better choice for replacement.

9.3 Request for Parish Council to Maintain Footpaths

The request had been made by a parishioner and the Chairman was trying to set up a meeting with her to find out if she would be willing to update the village footpath leaflet. He would also see if she would carry out a thorough investigation as to how much the maintenance of the footpaths would cost, if the parish took over the maintenance, as there were a vast amount around the village.

9.3.1 Woodland Grange Tree

The Chairman had met with a representative of Woodland Grange to look at the footpath by the ransom strip. They had commissioned a tree survey which indicated some dangerous trees especially a tree on the boundary of the footpath. Mrs Wheatley reported that she had since spoken to the County Rights Of Way officer, Peter Gaskin, who stated that the tree belonged to Woodland Grange and not the County Council. It was agreed that further investigations needed to be made to confirm this. Mr Whittington offered to contact a neighbouring resident of Woodland Grange who may be able to help.





















-SW & CW



10.1 Hosting

Morden Web Design had advised that they were closing and another company would be needed to provide hosting and support services when the current contract expired in June 2017.  A suggestion of an alternative company had been made and the Clerk was asked to follow this up with them to get a quotation. Other companies would also be approached.

10.2 Upgrade

The Clerk suggested that a free website using the BTCK tool, be set up to contain Parish Council information which could be linked to the village site  Councillors would consider this suggestion for further discussion.








11.1 Planning Ref S/1908/16/FL

Ashwell Road –Variation of condition relating to the demolition of 4 dwellings and construction of 9 new dwellings and access

(E W Pepper)

No representation had been made.

11.2 Planning Ref S.1979/16/FL

Horseshoes, 71 Hay Street –Change of use to garden

(Barbara Cowan)

No representation had been made.

11.3 Planning Ref S/1614/16/FL

Land to the rear of 4 Mill Courtyard -2 detached 4 bed houses with integral garages

(Mr Peter Summers)

It was advised that outline planning permission for this site had been granted on appeal around 10 years ago but because of the time limit this had to be treated as a new planning application.

It was agreed that provided the neighbours were properly consulted there were no concerns.

Recommendation –No Recommendation with the above comment.

11.4 Planning Ref S/1984/16/FL

St Peter & St Paul Church, Church Street –Installation of a bulk LPG storage tank

(Mr Philip Dickinson)

Mr Whittington expressed concern over the proposed siting of the tank as he had spoken with the installer Flogas. Because the proposed location would be over 30 metres away from a point where the gas could be delivered it would not be workable. He felt that the Church could be wasting a lot of time and effort progressing the planning application and that further investigations by them should be carried out. It was noted that this was not a Parish Council problem and comments on the planning application were all that was required. After further discussion it was agreed that an Objection be made on the grounds that the scheme as presented was not believed to be workable.

Recommendation –Objection. The Parish Council has conducted some investigations and believes that the present scheme would be unworkable due to the requirements of Flogas for deliveries.





Mr Whittington expressed concern over some of the vehicles which should be travelling below 25mph through the villages. Speedwatch equipment could not monitor the speed as it did not record below 30mph. It was suggested that farm contractors were causing the problem. It was agreed that this would be held over until Mr Clayton, as a local Farmer, was in attendance for his guidance on how these concerns could be relayed.





13.1 East Anglian Bluegrass Festival Committee –Request to hold event on Recreation Ground

16th -19th June 2017

Mrs Drew would check with the Recreation Ground diary. Mr Whittington advised that as in 2017 anyone wishing to stay overnight on the Sunday would be told that they could not leave the ground until after the school drop off had taken place.

13.2 Advertising Banners at entrance to Recreation Ground

The Chairman reminded the meeting that the Parish Council had agreed that they would not support the advertising of businesses on their property or in the parish newsletter. Lately banners had been erected at the entrance to the ground without asking for permission. It was agreed that an item in the parish newsletter would remind groups to ask for permission from the Parish Council first. Each request would be considered separately.

13.3 CCC Minor Highway Improvement Funding 2017/18

Details had been circulated to Councillors who were asked for suggestions for schemes. This would be discussed at the next meeting.

13.4 CCC Community Highways Volunteering Scheme

Details of the scheme which operated within the 30mph speed limit of the village had been received. Volunteers from the community were invited for litter picking, cleaning of road signs, cutting back vegetation and trimming vegetation. The Clerk would circulate the information to Councillors for further discussion.

13.5 CCC Flood Awareness and Preparedness Questionnaire

Details had been forwarded to Councillors. It was agreed that there was not a flooding issue in Steeple Morden so a response would not be made.

13.6 Steeple Morden Primary School PTA

A letter had been received from the PTA Secretary asking to use the recreation area for the annual bonfire fundraiser which would be held on the 5th November. Dr Belson advised that members of the PTA were aware of damage caused by a vehicle in a previous year. The vehicle did not belong to a member of the PTA and steps had been put in place to prevent this happening again.

Councillors agreed to the use of the ground as in previous years. Clerk to advise.

13.7 Historic England –Steeple Morden War Memorial

A letter had been received from the Listings Co-ordinator advising that Historic England was considering the War Memorial for addition to the List of Buildings of Special Architectural Interest as part of their response to the centenary of the First World War. The Parish Council would be notified of the decision in due course. The Clerk was asked to forward the letter to the Fordham family.










































14.1 Regularity of Meetings

The Chairman reminded Councillors that at the AGM it had been suggested that the Parish Council may not need to meet monthly once the initial business had settled down. The Clerk was asked to include this on the agenda for the October meeting for discussion.




DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 10th October  2016



There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.42 pm

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