Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on

Monday 11 April 2016 at 8.00pm

Present:                     Councillors: J Brocklehurst  (Chairman),   A Drew, S Martin, J Hobbs, S Wheatley, C Whittington, M Crankshaw

District Cllr Murfitt

In attendance:               Mrs S Walmesley (Clerk) and 5 members of the public.



In the absence of Mr Brown the meeting was chaired by Mr Brocklehurst.




Apologies were received from Mr Brown, Mr Clayton and County Cllr Dent. There were no interests declared.





2.1 Request to hold dog training classes

A resident had sent an e-mail to the Parish Council for discussion under Item 10.2. He offered to answer any questions or concerns.

Mr Whittington asked that if the classes went ahead would people be asked to show that their dog’s vaccinations were up to date and how many trainers/dogs would be in a class.

The resident advised that there was a clause in his public liability insurance regarding the vaccinations. The training of the Gun dogs would take 2-3 years starting from socialising the puppies. He could only have six trainers and dogs in a class at one time. He also confirmed that there would be no gun fire carried out in these sessions.










3.1 County Council

Apologies were received from Mr Dent.

3.2 District Council

Mrs Murfitt reported she had received a number of complaints regarding the path near the Wagon and Horses. She had forwarded the information to the County and District Councils and there was to be a multi agency tasking and co-ordinating meeting, with the Licensing officer, Planning Officer and Environmental Health Officer soon. There were two caravans which were not registered with the Caravan Club or South Cambridgeshire District Council on the site.

Mr Whittington asked if anyone had spoken to the new Landlord of the Wagon and Horses. Mrs Murfitt did not know. She was aware that people were reluctant to give too much information as they feared repercussions.

The removal of the rubbish in Odsey had been reported again. It was noted that there was now building rubble and old carpets dumped.

Mrs Murfitt then referred to the recent discussions on the proposal for devolution which nobody wanted. The Councils were only given two weeks’ notice to decide. She added that everyone now needed to wait to see what happens next.

Mrs Wheatley asked if there was any news on the Jubilee Close tree. Mr Crankshaw confirmed that it was still there. The tree was to be inspected before it was removed to make sure that there were no nesting birds.

The Chairman thanked Mrs Murfitt for her report.






4.1 The Parish Council  Meeting held on 14th March 2016

On a proposition by Mrs Wheatley seconded by Mr Crankshaw the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record.

4.2 The Parish Council  Planning Meeting held on 30th  March 2016

On a proposition by Mr Crankshaw seconded by Mr Martin the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record.






5.1 A505 Junction

5.1.1Update to Hertfordshire County Council Agreed Work at Junction

The Clerk advised that she had not received any update from County Council officers Tony

Hunter, regarding signage, and Sanjav Patel regarding plans for the Section 106 money. It was

noted that the sign on the Odsey side of the junction, promised by Cambridgeshire County

Council by the end of the financial year, had also not been installed. The Clerk would urge all


5.2 Speed of Traffic

5.2.2 Update on  Community Speedwatch

The purchase of Community Speedwatch equipment would be an agenda item for the AGM on the 9th May 2016.

Mr Whittington reported that there had been an unpleasant incident whereby a driver had been abusive to the team members. A complaint had been lodged with the police who were following up with the person concerned. Mrs Murfitt added that this person had contacted her to complain about the volunteers.

5.3 Refreshing of White Lines

The refreshing had been requested on the County Council website. The Highway officer had since advised that the white lines outside The Jester were not installed under any Traffic Order so they were unable to carry out the request. The Chairman advised that he had looked closely at the lines and felt that they were painted at the same time as the parking bays in the car park so would have been installed by the pub.  It was noted that there was now a notice outside and people were not using the area for the parking of large vehicles.

5.4 Horse Riders on Footpaths

Mr Whittington had investigated the footpaths and byways on the Cambridgeshire County Council website. He advised that the paths in question were footpaths which were shown to be in the parish of Abington Piggotts and therefore not within the remit of Steeple Morden Parish Council.

5.5. Hay Street Grass Verge –Request to place planters

Cambridgeshire County Council had advised that the request was refused as the planters could potentially constitute a hazard under section 149 of the Highways Act 1980. The residents had been advised.

5.6 Parish Council Annual General Meeting -Monday 9th May 2016

As discussed at the last meeting the AGM would be held at 7.30pm followed by the Annual Parish Meeting at 8.15pm. Invitations to the village clubs and organisations would be sent out by the Clerk.






































6.1 To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

Mr Hobbs checked the invoices. On a proposition by Mr Hobbs, seconded by Mrs Drew,  the following payments as listed in the monthly financial report were approved:


Emptying of eurobin at village hall 2016/17                                                                                     £  416.00


Newsletters April 2016                                                                                                             £  40.00


Disabled toilet clean March 2016                                                                                                          £  19.08


Litter picking and  Bin emptying Jan-March 2016                                                               £286.00


Clerks expenses January –March 2016                                                                                  £  49.43

TOTAL                                                                                                                                         £810.51

The Clerk circulated the Receipts and Payments report for 2015/16. She advised that the paperwork would be going to the internal auditor the following week.

6.2 Parish Council Internet Banking

The Clerk suggested that as there were five existing Councillors re-elected for the new term the application process be started for a Treasurer account with Lloyds Bank. This was agreed.























7.1 Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group

Mrs Drew reported that the holes in front of the village hall had been filled in by Mr Eversden. The only issue raised by the working group was the lack of toilet rolls and paper towers in the disabled toilet. The Clerk advised that she had asked the cleaner to make sure toilet rolls were there. She would order some more paper towels and liaise with Mrs Drew over where they should be kept. The combination lock, which the Clerk had asked a contractor to fit several times, had still not been installed. Mrs Wheatley agreed to ask another local contractor to arrange for this as the toilet would be used more with the better weather.

It was reported that the Leylandii trees needed trimming. Mrs Drew agreed to investigate and, provided the branches were not too thick, she would arrange the cutting back. Mr Whittington added that the suckers on the trees, where work was carried out by a contractor a few years ago, had grown back. The working group would look at these too. Mr Whittington also added that a bench by the tennis club was overgrown with shrubbery. It was suggested that the Tennis Club could deal with this.

7.2 Car Park Resurfacing

The Chairman advised that he had the name of the contractors who had carried out the work previously on the path. He and Mrs Drew both had other contractor contact details. It was agreed that they would now get some quotations.

7.3 Update from Football Club

Mrs Wheatley and the Clerk had been contacted by the Football Club Chairman, Karl Parr, who asked to discuss the clubs plans with Councillors at a meeting. They had some plans to help with the improvement/maintenance of the football pitches which involved some drainage work. They also wanted to see what other options for new pitches existed within the village for the youth team The Magpies. Mr Parr asked that in the meantime the grasscutting contractors be asked not to cut the grass on the senior pitch. The Clerk confirmed that she had requested this.

It was agreed that the representative from the club be invited to the June Parish Council meeting.

7.3.1 Football Club lease for use of Reading Room

A meeting with the Sports Clubs to be arranged.

7.4 Recreation Ground Sign –Costings

Mrs Drew had obtained two quotations and read the specification to the meeting. The quotes did not include installation. Further information, including estimated life span, would be sought for a decision at the next meeting.

7.5 Contract for Emptying Dog/Litter Bins

The Clerk confirmed that she had written to the Tennis, Cricket, Football clubs and also the Scout Leader about the fund raising opportunity. She had not yet received any feedback. Mr Whittington advised that he had also approached a resident and was awaiting a response.






-SW & Clerk


































8.1 Odsey War Memorial

8.1.1Confirmation from Stonemasons that work would take place during the Summer

Ivett and Reed had confirmed.

8.1.2Offer of Contribution

The Clerk had an action to contact the residents as discussed at the last meeting.









9.1 Update on Skate Park

There was no further update. It was agreed that there would be an agenda item asking residents for project ideas for the Annual Parish Meeting on the 9th May 2016.





10.1 Dog Fouling –Request for signage at Woodland Grange

Mrs Wheatley had met with a resident of Woodland Grange who was concerned over dog walkers throwing their bags of dog waste onto the gardens of Woodland Grange. It had been suggested that a laminated sign be installed asking people to refrain from this. Mrs Wheatley added that in the meantime a tree had blown down blocking the path. It was advised that the tree was from the path and therefore belonged to Cambridgeshire County Council. This would be reported by the Clerk. It was agreed that Mrs Wheatley would arrange for a laminated sign as suggested.

10.2 Request to use Steeple Morden recreation ground/conservation area for Dog Training Classes

This was discussed briefly under Item 2.1. The Chairman stated that his only concern was whether this would set a precedent if allowed. It was advised that a precedent had already been set as there were ‘Bootcamp’ sessions held on the recreation ground and also the Blue Grass Festival. The resident advised that he was looking to use the conservation area for sessions on two evenings and one day at the weekend. A discussion took place on the car park use and how, if approved, the clashing with the sports clubs should be avoided. After further discussion the Chairman proposed that the activity be allowed on a six month trial. This was seconded by Mr Whittington with all Councillors in agreement. The Clerk was asked to liaise with the resident regarding his timetable.

10.3 Rectory Farm Solar Power Proposal –Request for support in objection to a future application

There had been e-mail correspondence circulated relating to this. Mr Brian Bell, Chairman of  Flecks Lane Action Group, was invited to speak to Councillors. He reminded the meeting of the proposal for a solar farm in the field opposite him and also Wrestlingworth and Tadlow. The application had not been forthcoming but Mr Bell advised that Wrestlingworth Parish Council had put together a document that stated that ‘due to the strength of opposition and the degree of information available allowed the Council to decide on the proposal as if it had been submitted as a planning application. On that basis the Council agreed they would oppose such an application’.

Mr Bell asked for a similar statement to be made by Steeple Morden Parish Council.

The Chairman expressed concern over the action taken by Wrestlingworth for pre-judging an application which could result in them being unable to comment on a planning application. He added that each application should be judged individually. A lot could change in the time before  another proposal came forward. As this was the last meeting of this council it would be inappropriate. Mrs Drew added that a general statement could be included in the Local Plan representation as had been made in the latest plan regarding the installation of wind farms.

The Chairman suggested that the new Parish Council consider this at their June meeting. He thanked Mr Bell for attending.

10.4 Fallen tree on footpath beside Woodland Grange

This had been covered under Item 10.1. The Clerk to report the fallen tree on the County Council website.

10.5 Proposal to divert part of footpath 37 and 38 near Steeple Morden

A letter had been received, with photographs, from a resident advising of his proposal to divert the footpaths. He had forwarded a letter of support from both the other landowner and Cambridgeshire County Council. Details had been circulated to Councillors prior to the meeting and they had no objections. Clerk to advise the resident.

10.6 Tesco Funding for Community Spaces

Mrs Wheatley had obtained details of the fund which she read to Councillors. This was a community grant programme funded by the proceeds of the 5p charge for plastic carrier bags. Projects could be new pocket parks, sports facilities, schools, wildlife areas and community gardens. It was agreed that this would be kept in mind for any relevant future projects suggested at the Annual Parish Meeting.

10.7 Complaint regarding the footpath behind the Wagon and Horses Public House

Mrs Murfitt had reported on this during her report under Item 3.2.

10.8 Request to use the Recreation ground for zorb bubble football

The request had been made by a resident who wanted to use the ground for an 8th birthday celebration in the middle of May. This would be run by a company, who had their own insurance, and the event would last around two hours. The resident was aware that the football and cricket clubs used the space so she would double check to make sure they did not clash with these activities.

Councillors agreed that the recreation ground could be used. The Clerk was asked to remind the resident that the recreation ground was a public space and people could not be stopped from using the ground at the same time.






-SW & Clerk






























































11.1 Last Parish Council meeting of this term

As this was the last meeting the Chairman thanked those Councillors who had decided not to stand for another term for their input to the Parish Council.








DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 9th May   2016 AGM



There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.15pm



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