Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held in the Village Hall on

Monday 14 March 2016 at 8.00pm

Present:                     Councillors: J Brocklehurst  (Chairman),   A Drew, S Martin, J Hobbs, S Wheatley, C Whittington, M Crankshaw, J Clayton

District Cllr Murfitt

In attendance:               Mrs S Walmesley (Clerk) and 3 members of the public.



In the absence of Mr Brown the meeting was chaired by Mr Brocklehurst.




Apologies were received from Mr Brown and County Cllr Dent. There were no interests declared.





2.1 Grass Verge

Residents of Hay Street asked for permission to put large containers of shrubs on the grass verge outside their property to try and stop people parking. They had put some grass seed down in the past, with a sign, and this was respected. The residents also advised that they had asked County Highways to refresh the lining on the road.

The Chairman advised that the responsibility for the verges was with Cambridgeshire Highways and they would need to be consulted regarding the planting. The Clerk was asked to arrange.












3.1 County Council

Mr Dent had circulated a report.

3.2 District Council

Mrs Murfitt reported that South Cambridgeshire District Council had agreed a council tax increase of £5 per Band D property. There was still £180,000 savings to be made.

The South Cambs Magazine had been distributed but it was noted that it had not yet been delivered in Odsey.

Mrs Murfitt reminded Councillors of the various elections stating that residents needed to be on the electoral role to vote. She asked for this to be advertised in the parish newsletter.

The proposals for the local solar farms had not progressed. It was thought that if the subsidies increased the proposals might be resurrected.

There had been a report of asbestos roofing dumped in Odsey which the Chairman had reported to South Cambridgeshire District Council a number of times. Mrs Murfitt advised that she had seen where the roofing was and had arranged a meeting with a representative to point out the location. The Chairman reminded her that there were also a lot of little bits.

The Chairman thanked Mrs Murfitt for her report.






4.1 The Parish Council  Meeting held on 8th February 2016

On a proposition by Mr Whittington seconded by Mrs Wheatley the minutes as circulated were taken as read and then approved as a true record.






5.1 A505 Junction

5.1.1Update to Hertfordshire County Council Agreed Work at Junction

The Clerk advised that she had not received any update from County Council officers Tony

Hunter, regarding signage, and Sanjav Patel regarding plans for the Section 106 money.

5.2 Speed of Traffic

5.2.1 MHI Application 2016/17

The Parish Council application for a reduction in speed had been unsuccessful. Mr Whittington,

who attended the Panel meeting on behalf of the Parish Council, advised that he was told that

having Speedwatch data would support the application. Now that the scheme was up and running

this could support an application in the future.

5.2.2 Update on  Community Speedwatch

Mr Whittington advised that the group had been active for nearly three weeks. He gave an outline

of results to date. The volunteers had received some abuse from drivers but the police were

impressed with the results. The busiest time for speeding traffic was at the school pick up/drop off

times. There was also a police officer in the village the previous week who was handing out

speeding tickets on the spot.

Mr Whittington stated that the speedwatch equipment would be moving on in the next couple of

weeks. There was the opportunity for the village to purchase its own equipment and he had

spoken with the Litlington Parish Council Chairman, Jamie Bathmaker, about sharing the

purchase. The cost was £2400 plus VAT. The Clerk advised that she was aware that Whaddon

Parish Council were also interested in purchasing equipment. Mr Whittington added that,  by

having their own equipment, the Speedwatch team could maintain control as to the frequency of

the checks. Mr Clayton expressed concern over the costs stating that he felt it would be better

divided between five parishes.

After further discussion it was agreed that Mr Whittington would speak to Whaddon and

Litlington Parish Councils about sharing the costs. This would be an agenda item for the new

Parish Council to discuss at the AGM in May 2016.

5.3 Jubilee End Tree

The birds were still in the tree but there were notably fewer. Mrs Wheatley had spoken to the RSPB who advised that the birds would fly away by mid March. It would be illegal to cut the tree down after this time as birds would be starting to nest. The RSPB recommended a deterrent be put in the tree for next year.  It was advised that the owners of the tree were the Papworth Trust so it was their responsibility.

5.4 Inconsiderate Parking

5.4.1 At The Jester

The Managers of the Hotel had confirmed that they would do their upmost to ensure that larger vehicles did not obstruct the path. The white lines were very faint and needed refreshing.

The Clerk had received a further complaint regarding the parking. The resident concerned had contacted the police and a police officer had asked the Manager to arrange for the reinstatement of the white lines with Cambridgeshire County Council. The police had confirmed that they would monitor the situation.

The Clerk was asked to request the refreshing of the white lines through the County Council website.

5.4.2 On Hay Street

The Primary School Headteacher had advised that he would send a letter to parents. He had also spoken to the Smarties Pre-School staff to remind them. Mr Whittington advised that he had written separately to the Headteacher and given him an update on Speedwatch.

5.5 Parish Council Elections 2016

The election packs had been received from South Cambridgeshire District Council and nomination papers needed to be submitted to the Returning Officer by the 7th April 2016.

5.6 Horse Riders on Footpaths

This action to be followed up by Mr Whittington.

5.7 Trees on North Brook Road

The Chairman had spoken to the adjoining landowner about the planting which would be taking place on the 16th March.  The Chairman and Mrs Wheatley to arrange.




























































6.1 To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

Mr Hobbs checked the invoices. On a proposition by Mr Clayton, seconded by Mr Hobbs,  the following payments as listed in the monthly financial report were approved:


Newsletters                                                                                                                               £ 143.00


Cleaning of disabled toilet February 2016                                                                                           £  18.90


Street light energy costs October 2014-September 2015                                                 £1467.35


Clerks salary 1/1/16 -31/3/16                                                                                                £ 843.43


PAYE 1/1/16-31/3/16                                                                                                              £ 210.80


Cutting of keys                                                                                                                      £   10.00 

TOTAL                                                                                                                                      £2693.48

6.2 Parish Council Internet Banking

Mr Brown, the Parish Council Chairman, had looked at the details for the Lloyds Treasurer account and agreed that it would be suitable for the Parish Council. The Clerk suggested that as there were elections in May it would be better to wait and agree signatories at the AGM. This was agreed. It was noted that there were still only two signatories on the Barclays account due to the death of Mr Jarman at the end of 2016.

6.3 Appointment of Internal Auditor 2015/16

It was agreed that LGS Services be asked to carry out the audit as they had done in previous years. They had advised that their fee would be the same as it was in 2015.

6.4 External Audit for smaller Authorities from 2017

Details had been circulated to Councillors. The Chairman advised that under the Local Audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulations 2015, Parish Councils would be able to make their own arrangements for audit from 2017. A new company, Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments Ltd (SAAA) had been set up to take over the appointment of external auditors and the setting of audit fees.  By law every authority would still have to complete and publish an annual financial return irrespective of whether it is opted in or out.






















7.1 Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group

Mrs Drew reported that a bench, which was rotten at the bottom, had been pulled out of the stream. It was not worth repairing. It was agreed that it be disposed of.

7.2 Tennis Club Request for planings by kissing gate

The Club had advised that the area around the gate was very muddy and slippery. It was suggested that if the Parish Council was planning on repairing holes on the car park then the problem with the mud could be addressed at the same time.

A discussion took place on the area and access to the Tennis Club from an alternative route which was also muddy. Mr Whittington and Mrs Wheatley both agreed that the area around the gate was a problem. Mr Whittington added that the Tennis Club was very active and investing a lot of time and effort getting the facilities up to standard. It was advised that the area of concern was approximately 20 metres.

The Clerk read a letter from the Village Hall Committee regarding the area outside the hall. They advised that following the refurbishment works the new disabled railings now encroached the disabled parking bays plus the lines for the bays were very worn. The committee were aware that the Parish Council had plans to resurface the tarmac. They asked for confirmation that if there was a plan would the resurfacing extend to the village hall and if so when was this likely to happen.

Councillors agreed that it was the intention to complete the resurfacing from the Pavilion to past the village hall once the refurbishment works were complete. After further discussion it was agreed to meet with the contractor who had carried out the previous works to discuss the requirement. The Chairman and Mrs Drew to arrange a meeting. At the same time the area around the kissing gate would be included. Other quotes would then be sought for agreement at the AGM in May 2016. The Clerk to advise the Tennis Club and Village Hall Committee.

7.3 Update from Football Club

Mrs Wheatley reported that the Club were hoping to hear about their grant application in April 2016.

7.3.1 Request to install Dug Outs

Following the advice from Mr Whittington the Football Club had purchased some ground anchors for their mobile dug outs which they had painted. They were arranging to resurface the dugout roofs.

7.3.2 Football Club lease for use of Reading Room

A meeting with the Sports Clubs to be arranged.

7.4 Recreation Ground Sign

Mr Brown had circulated some wording. Mrs Drew had obtained information on a sign contractor and she agreed to obtain a costing for discussion at the next meeting.









































8.1 Odsey War Memorial

8.1.1Confirmation from Stonemasons that work would take place during the Summer

Ivett and Reed had confirmed.

8.1.2Offer of Contribution

As agreed at the last meeting the Clerk had updated the Odsey residents who had offered to contribute to the refurbishment. They suggested that, as there were strong family ties with the villages, the £500 offered be used in another way connected to the Odsey memorial or failing that used for either the Steeple Morden or Guilden Memorials.

Mr Clayton advised that the base of the Steeple Morden and Odsey Memorials was currently looked after by a volunteer. There would come a time when the volunteer would no longer be able to continue. He suggested that the residents be asked if they would  be happy for the £500 to go into a ring fenced Memorial maintenance fund for future use. This was agreed. The Clerk to ask the residents.
















9.1 Update on Skate Park

There was no further update.





It was agreed that the Parish Council AGM would be held before the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm with this meeting following at 8.15pm in the Cricket Pavilion. Clerk to send out the invitations to the village clubs and organisations.






11.1 Village Hall Committee –Request for information on recreation grounds work

 This was discussed under Item 7.2.

11.2 Steeple Morden Village Hall –Invitation to post refurbishment open evening

Councillors were invited to the official opening ceremony on Monday 18th April 2016. There was to be a presentation, including a dedication to Parish Councillor John Jarman.

11.3 Dog Control and Anti Social Behaviour

A parishioner had reported an attack on their dog by four loose dogs being taken for a walk on a footpath. The parishioner had spoken to the owner of the dogs who replied with a torrent of abuse and would not say where she was from. The parishioner referred to the caravan site behind the Public House and asked if the Parish Council had any control as to who was admitted to the site.

It was noted that the three dog rule only applied to the recreation ground and conservation area.  It was advised that the caravan site was a private site and associated to the Camping and Caravanning Club. The Clerk was asked to reply to the resident advising that this was outside the remit of the Parish Council and suggest that if there was a query regarding the site, and its occupants, to take this up with the Camping and Caravanning Club.

11.4 Contract for Emptying Dog/Litter Bins

Ms Jarman, the current contractor, had given notice that she would not be continuing after the end of April 2016.  She also asked if her family could plant a tree, possibly an Oak tree, in memory of her Father John Jarman in the conservation area or recreation ground.

The request for the tree was discussed. The Chairman stated that Mr Jarman had in the past advised that Oak trees did not do very well in the village. It was suggested that a small leafed Lime, Hornbeam or Walnut tree could be an alternative.

The contract for the dog/litter bin emptying was then discussed. Mrs Drew suggested that the task of emptying the six litter/dog waste bins on a weekly basis for payment be offered to the local clubs. This would be a good fund raiser. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to the clubs to find out if they were interested. Mrs Drew offered to arrange the emptying until a replacement was found.

11.5 SCDC Parish Planning Forum 22nd March 2016

The Clerk asked for anyone interested in attending the Forum in Cambourne to let her know so that she could book a place.

11.6 Smarties Pre-School Recycling

Gina Lawless, the Pre-School Secretary, reminded Councillors that they used to have a clothing collection bank on the recreation ground. This provided the Pre-School main source of charitable income.  After a great deal of searching they had now found another company running the same type of scheme and asked the Parish Council for permission to reinstate the clothing bank in the same location as before.

Councillors were reminded that the previous clothing facility had been vandalised in the location at the rear of the car park and a suggestion was made to locate it this time by the disabled toilet. It was confirmed that the CCTV cameras did monitor the back of the car park. The proposed clothing bank looked a lot more substantial than the previous one. The installation was agreed.

A discussion then took place on the CCTV cameras where it was advised that now that the village hall refurbishment had been completed the contractor would be asked carry out a few checks on the cameras.

11.7 Land at rear of 57 Hay Street

Concern had been raised by a parishioner over a recently erected fence bordering the development at 59 Hay Street. The resident had been made aware that there was to be an application for planning consent for the land. In the past the Parish Council had stated that they would not support an application for a development at the rear of a house. Councillors were asked for an indication of their views this time.

Mrs Drew explained the location of the land in question. As it was not within the remit of the Parish Council to make a decision on planning applications, the Clerk was asked to refer the parishioner to the Planning Officer at the South Cambridgeshire District Council offices. The Clerk would also advise him that the Parish Council were unable to comment until they had a planning application for consideration.






























































12.1 Extra Planning Meeting

Mr Martin advised that he had received a planning application which needed a response before the next scheduled Parish Council meeting. It was agreed that a Planning Meeting would be held on Wednesday 30th March 2016 at 7.30pm in the Cricket Pavilion.








DATE OF NEXT MEETING Monday 12th April  2016



There was no further business and the Chairman declared the meeting closed at 9.40pm



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