Notice of Meeting

I hereby give notice that a Steeple Morden Parish Council meeting will be held at 19:30 on WEDNESDAY 30TH AUGUST 2017  in the Cricket Pavilion, Steeple Morden to determine planning applications and other matters.

The press and public are cordially invited to be present


Sally Walmesley 24/08/17



1.               Apologies for absence and declarations under the code of conduct


2.         Comments and observations from parishioners and members of the public


3.         Planning Applications

            3.1 Ref No. S/2735/17/FL

            2 North Brook End –Two storey side extension and alterations to existing roof

            (Mr Belson)

            3.2 Ref No. S/2909/17/FL

            116 Station Road –Demolition of existing hotel buildings. Construction of 6 terraced houses with associated landscaping and parking

            (P Griffiths, Rockwell Homes Ltd)  

            3.3 Ref No. S/2898/17/DC (For information only)

            Land at Morden Grange Farm to the north –Discharge of conditions 4 (Junction Improvements) and 5 (Vehicle routing plan) of planning permission S/0462/14/FL

            (N Collingridge)


4.         Other Planning Issues


5.         Councillors’ items for information an requiring the urgent attention of the Clerk