Notice of Planning/Parish Council Meeting

I hereby give notice that Steeple Morden Parish Council will meet at

Steeple Morden Village Hall

On Monday 11th April  2016 at 8.00pm

All members of the Council are hereby summoned to attend for the purpose of considering and resolving upon the business to be transacted at the Meeting as set out hereunder.

All meetings of the Parish Council are open to parishioners and the public who may listen to but not take part in the discussion of the Council’s business.

Anyone wishing to raise a matter for consideration by the Council should write to the Clerk at the address below. Any letter received by the day before a Parish Council meeting is reported to that meeting. If information is readily available and/or the matter is on the agenda the Council may decide its action right away. If not then the item will be dealt with at the next meeting.

Sally Walmesley, Clerk






1.    Apologies for absence, declarations under the code of conduct and requests for dispensations


2.    Comments and observations from parishioners and members of the public


3.    County and District Councillors’ reports


4.    To approve the minutes of

4.1          The Parish Council Meeting held on the 14th March 2016

4.2          The Planning Meeting held on the 30th March 2016


        5.    Matters arising and carried forward from last meetings

5.1          A505 junction

5.1.1       Update on HCC agreed work at junction

5.2.2       Community Speedwatch Equipment –Agenda Item for AGM

               5.3          Refreshing of White Lines

               5.4          Horse Riders on Footpaths

               5.5          Hay Street Grass Verge –Request to place planters

               5.6          Parish Council Annual General Meeting –Monday 9th May 2016


        6.    Finances

6.1          To receive the financial statement and to approve the payment of bills

               6.2          Parish Council Internet Banking


        7.    Recreation Ground/Conservation Area

7.1          Recreation Ground Maintenance –working group update

7.2          Car Park Resurfacing

7.3          Update from Football Club

7.3.1      Football Club lease for use of Reading Room

7.4          Recreation Ground Sign –Costings

7.5          Contract for Emptying Dog/Litter bins


8.  Maintenance

      8.1          Odsey War Memorial

8.1.2      Offer of contribution towards other War Memorial work


         9.   Special Project 2014/15

               9.1          Update on Skate Park



      10.    To consider correspondence received including;

               10.1       Dog Fouling –Request for signage at Woodland Grange

               10.2       Request to use Steeple Morden recreation ground /conservation area for Dog Training Classes

               10.3       Rectory Farm Solar Power Proposal –Request for support in objection to a future application

               10.4       Fallen tree on footpath beside Woodland Grange

               10.5       Proposal to divert part of footpath 37 and 38 near Steeple Morden

               10.6       Tesco Funding for Community Spaces

               10.7       Complaint regarding the footpath behind the Wagon and Horses Public House


    11 .     Councillors' items for information and requiring the urgent attention of the Clerk