Parish Council - Our Code of Conduct

Steeple Morden Parish Council like every other Parish Council in the UK operates under a Code of Conduct. Introduced around 18 months ago, the Code is designed to safeguard the interests of everyone in the Parish, including the Parish Councillors themselves. Among other things, it requires us to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interest in a planning application or other item on the agenda before it's discussed, to rule out any bias (or suspicion of bias!).

The Code is constantly evolving and like any "one size fits all" piece of legislation, it's not perfect in some respects. However, it does provide a good basis for the way in which we conduct our business. If you want to know more, there is some useful information by Searching for 'Code of Conduct' on the South Cambs Website.

Though the site is primarily designed for Parish Councillors with specific enquiries about the Code, it will give you a good idea of what your Parish Council should and shouldn't be doing.

John Brocklehurst

Chairman - Steeple Morden Parish Council


Parish Council - Dog Control Order

Steeple Morden Parish Council plans to impose the following Dog Control Orders on its land in Steeple Morden (the recreation ground, the cowslip or conservation meadow, and the land adjacent to Woodland Grange). A map is available here - Parish Land if you are unsure which land is PC land. Anyone wishing to comment on these orders should contact the clerk, Mrs S Walmesley, Redwood Lodge, South Street, Litlington, SG8 0QR ( by April 7th, 2014.

Order 1 - Dogs are banned from the children's playground, the bowls green and the tennis courts.

Order 2 - It is the responsibility of the handler of any dog going onto Parish Council land to remove any faeces produced by the dog, either by placing the faeces suitably wrapped in one of the dog bins provided, or by taking the faeces home for disposal.

Order 3 - No person shall take onto Parish Council land more than three dogs at any one time.

Anyone found to be breaking a Dog Control Order is liable to a maximum fine of £1000.

Dog walkers are reminded that elsewhere in the Village the District Council has powers, under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996, to prosecute those who do not clear up after their dog.


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